Interview with Tim Donnelly Smith

Tim Donnelly Smith
Tim Donnelly Smith
Marketing Director

With a boom in the e-commerce industry all over the world, do you expect the demand for virtual fitting rooms to increase by leaps and bounds?

What I think will happen is that demand for online fit solutions will be customer-led. Shoppers will start to show a preference for retailers and brands that provide better information and a better experience, and will be less inclined to buy from retailers or brands that offer a size chart and little else. This customer expectation could evolve quickly, because it won't take long for shoppers to notice that online fit problems can easily be addressed, if brands and retailers choose to do so. You only have to look at what our clients are telling us now about their shoppers, as I mentioned earlier. I also expect virtual fitting rooms to evolve alongside other innovations. These might include things like new online store formats, greater use of video, and perhaps even changes to the customer journey. I expect virtual fitting rooms to be at the heart of changes, because 'will it fit?' is the major issue that shoppers are concerned about in the online environment. Fit will be a key attribute of personalisation. And I'm sure there will be other leaps forward too.

What percentage of visitors who try virtual trial rooms actually resort to buying as per your statistics?

It varies significantly from client to client - it's highly dependent on the customer base and client. But it is not unusual to see shoppers that use the fitting room convert at twice the rate of shoppers that don't use it.

Mobile shoppers being an active group, what specialities does Fits.me have in store for them?

Our solutions are already optimised for mobile devices, and future development will always be from a 'mobile first' perspective, mirroring the strategies of retailers and brands.

What are the technological innovations that are going to be integrated into your products in the year 2015?

I think this is the point at which I say 'wait and see' - but we'll be sure to let you know first, so you can keep readers right up-to-date. While doing the right thing for shoppers, virtual fitting rooms can also make huge bottomline differences to retailers and brands. So, I'm sure they'll want to know.
Published on: 31/01/2015

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