Interview with Dr. Gordon YEN

Dr. Gordon YEN
Dr. Gordon YEN
Executive Director
Fountain Set (Holdings) Limited
Fountain Set (Holdings) Limited

Your eco and performance series comprises innovative fabric by Fountain SetTM. Among them which product do you see has high market growth and consumption?

The “fabric by Fountain SetTM”, consolidated brand name of the Fountain Set Group’s comprehensive knitted fabric, signifies ultra comfort and convenience for wearers and focus on product quality and innovation. Under the umbrella brand of “fabric by Fountain SetTM”, the fabrics can be divided into eco and performance series. In which, organic cotton, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) as well as Cotton and Fair Trade Cotton, under the eco series have the highest consumption and market growth.

What kind of change do you see have been preferred onto the garment manufacturing sector in the areas of fabric?

In the areas of fabric, trend of light as well as synthetic fabric have been preferred. Light fabric has been the trend for the past few years. Moreover, there is also an increasing demand for synthetic fabric e.g. Rayon, Polyester, CVC, especially in women’s apparel due to more stable supply and pricing than cotton.

Bamboo fabric seems to be emerging in the market. What are those significant elements, which makes it worthwhile?

Bamboo fabric has great value as it is a sustainable product, owing to its fast growth, besides it does not require replanting after harvesting as well as there is no need for the poisonous pesticides and fertilizers. Bamboo fabric can be divided into: a) Viscose bamboo (viscose rayon from bamboo as raw material) Benefits: It is a regenerated cellulose fiber similar to rayon from other raw materials, natural sheen and softness, better drapery, good absorbent and air permeability. b) Original bamboo (mechanically treating bamboo and get bamboo fiber as linen) Benefits: The feel and luster is close to linen. It is cool, good absorbency and vaporizes moisture with good air permeability and harsh feeling.
Published on: 30/05/2012

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