Interview with Mr. Dinesh J Hinduja

Mr. Dinesh J Hinduja
Mr. Dinesh J Hinduja
Executive Director Production & Marketing
Gokaldas Exports Groups
Gokaldas Exports Groups

Responsible for marketing and manufacturing functions. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Bangalore University. He has been involved in the business of the Gokaldas Exports Groups since its inception.

Indian garment industry is poised for sea change. What are the factors instrumental for this change?

Obviously, the Indian garment industry is on a growth mode because of dismantling of quotas from January, 2005. This is the main factor which propels the growth of the Indian garment industry. Added to this favourable position, one more big advantage is that quotas have been re-imposed on China by both the trading blocks, namely EU and U.S. for three more years. This gave an additional impetus to the Indian apparel export industry.

How, accordingly to you, were the textile quotas affecting global garment industry?

The textile and apparel growth from India was restrained due to the non-availability of quotas. Now, it is a sigh of relief that the quotas are gone - growth can take place with any barriers.

ASSOCHAM study puts retail market size at Rs.1,60,000 crore by 2008 and garment retail sector is really looking up in India. How do you rate this and what are the prospects for this industry?

I feel that ASSOCHAM's estimate of Rs.1,60,000 crores of retail market size in India is too optimistic and should be much less than that. The retail industry will definitely thrive because of the innumerous small retailers and the manufacturers involved, but one cannot expect handsome profits in the initial few years.
Published on: 20/02/2006

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