Interview with Mr Claudio Grotto

Mr Claudio Grotto
Mr Claudio Grotto
MD & Founding Chairman
Grotto SpA (GAS)
Grotto SpA (GAS)

With all these challenges to remain, in your view, what all are the keys for a powerful brand recall in the segment?

In my opinion, the most important thing is the respect towards the consumers and their needs. Our target has become more and more self-conscious, aware, discerning, demanding and what we work every day for is to give them a product that has the right balance between price and quality, style and function, always bearing in mind that we are not creating fashion for fashion but fashion to be worn. Clothes need to have a contemporary flavor but essentially should go beyond current fashions to match and highlight the personality as well as the lifestyle of our target every day and on every occasion.

While talking about challenges, one cannot ignore the cotton prices that surged this year which significantly might have put pressure on the margin. How do you riposte to such situation?

Looking for the best at the best price as always! We constantly strive for the same quality and look maintaining the same price. We also optimize the costs; thanks to a production chain that is more and more agile and efficient reducing the wastage of time, energy and resources. Besides this, we also work on commercial agreements; thanks to our suppliers who help us to absorb the rise of the price of cotton.

In general, GAS had particular focus on Europe and the Far East till recently. However, as number of news talk about your re-entry in Indian markets, am inquisitive to know the reason behind this changed focus, and why particularly towards India?

GAS has never left India. We have just changed our mode of operation. We had entered India in 2006 as a Joint Venture with Raymond which operated for a period of three years. In 2010, we have decided to be direct in India founding GAS Jeans Private Ltd, the Indian subsidiary of Grotto SpA.

India is a country that represents one of the most upcoming, fast-growing and strategic markets. We are sure that, with the GAS brand, a premium lifestyle brand that offers essential, stylish and sensual fashion, we will give an answer to the requests of all Indian cosmopolitan consumers with a young mind set who seek the best in international fashion.

Impressive! So, with the origin as Italian, GAS is appeasing Jeans fans internationally. How is this made possible? Are preferences in Jeans same amongst all consumers globally?

We live in a global village! Young generations travel a lot physically and virtually, thanks to the World Wide Web, so their taste, especially in terms of fashion, is becoming more and more global. Moreover, our attitude has always been international and a jeans, which is our DNA, with its characteristics of versatility, functionality and comfort, can really be considered as the blue flag uniting young mind-set from all latitudes, both geographic and cultural.

That is right! Talking in specific about trends in fabric, now as ‘NO to Sandblasting’ makes a main concern for all big brands, how do you see the move impacting Denim lovers and ultimately businesses?

I think Denim lovers will not be too impacted by this new unavoidable rule. Denim specialists are always working on research and innovation and for GAS it hasn’t been too difficult to find the right alternatives to the sandblasting.

The artisanal room, an actual research and development center at the GAS headquarters, is the result of its constant pursuit for innovation. It is a place where all production processes are tried out “in vitro”, meeting place for creativity and GAS’s history as a manufacturer, where highly innovative products with extraordinary practical and aesthetic potential are developed.

Products such as Research Denim 001, the world’s first completely heat–welded denim, protected by the European Patent NR. 2012608, Reverse Denim, the eccentric reversible jeans, the made in Italy Double Rainbow series of extremely light jackets and accessories in 100% injected down, digitally printed on the finished garment, and the bestseller Sumatra, the jegging born from the mix of two icons, the leggings with the 5 pockets, realized with a soft and light super stretch denim cloth that gives an excellent fit to the garment shaping and emphasizing woman’s curves.

Back to your question, our Artisanal Room includes some expert technicians that select and cooperate only with the best laundries worldwide that share with us the same ethic principles and that are under certifications recognized at an international level. Thanks to this synergy between our technicians and our suppliers, GAS manages to offer its customers denim garments with an authentic vintage look obtained only with the most advanced and safe techniques. At the moment we are mainly using various sandpapering techniques and experimenting an innovative brushing method.

And, now last but not least; what else can be known as GAS’ steps in favor of sustainability?

GAS has always been very sensitive towards this kind of aspects. Our technicians traveling worldwide, to ensure the “Made in GAS”, the quality and sustainability standards guaranteed by our brand, are very strict and very attentive towards not only the characteristics of the raw materials and finished products but also towards the working conditions of the labor.


Published on: 13/06/2011

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