Interview with Fernando Capellan

Fernando Capellan
Fernando Capellan
President & Founder
Grupo M
Grupo M

Can you point out any one factor that negatively affected exports form the Dominican Republic? How do you see the future outlook for the country’s textile and apparel sector?

It is important to point out that the appreciation of the currency in 2005 negatively affected all exports from the country. Nevertheless, the future outlook for the country is much better as the conditions continue to improve.

The provisions of the DR-CAFTA facilitate and authorize joint-production in DR and Haiti. How do you see the bilateral trade relation with Haiti, especially in garment and textile industry?

Textiles constitute about 60 percent of the DR exports to Haiti. Fabric mills in the DR are all assembling their production in Haiti.

Grupo M is the largest employer in the Dominican Republic. What do you think is the role of occupational health and safety in sustainable apparel production?

Occupational health and safety has to be the corner stone in every business today. It is the right thing to do and needs to be embedded into the core culture of every company. Any and all initiatives that address negative impact to the environment and positively impact the well-being and quality of life of our associates is actively embraced and put into place.

In today’s noisy world, what will be your best advice for emerging entrepreneurs?

Focus and measured objectives all the time.
Published on: 10/10/2013

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