Interview with Mr. Paul Hulme

Mr. Paul Hulme
Mr. Paul Hulme
Huntsman Textile Effects
Huntsman Textile Effects

Are your products expensive as compared to the other similar products? How do you justify your price?

Huntsman Textile Effects believes that innovation and sustainability are at the heart of what we do. This is complemented by a team of highly trained and skilled professionals. Businesses need to think long term and offer customers textile differentiation, speed and flexibility to remain competitive. Many of our products also come with sustainable features such as helping to save water and energy usage whilst helping to keep a more sustainable environment. These in turn help customers save on energy and utility costs.

From the looks of it, you seem to be concentrating more on technical textiles. Is there any specific reason?

Huntsman Textile Effects has a balanced portfolio of home and apparel, digital ink as well as institutional technical textiles. We are driven by a desire to create environmentally sustainable and water-saving textile solutions in collaboration with stakeholders in the industry. As such, every textile dye or chemical that we produce is based on a continuous investment into research, innovation and sustainability and that has applications across our broad and diverse portfolio.

What are your expansion plans? Can you share with us in brief?

Huntsman Textile Effects has been ahead of the curve in adapting to the global headwinds of the textile industry. Last month, we inaugurated a new synthesis unit at our world-class production center in Mahachai, Thailand. We saw the need to strengthen our manufacturing capability and presence in the Asian textile market and reduce our delivery period to our key markets, such as India, China and Indonesia, from 6 months to less than a month. We made that strategic decision as we see that Asia will contribute significantly to our focus on serving the region most expected to fuel growth in the years to come.
Published on: 28/02/2013

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