Interview with Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar
Regional Director - Softlines, Indian Subcontinent

What is the new CAD E-fit service launched by Intertek in India?

CAD E-Fit service is primarily for the Indian domestic market. Here, we will be doing fit for the styles, followed by size grading, mini marker and finally a complete tech pack of the style. Brands would send us the design with a first proto, and thereafter, all the work would be done by us. We will be showing the fit on mannequins which will be on 360 degree view for clients via the visual mode. Clients can see the fit from their respective offices. The CAD E-Fit system is a significant milestone in the garment industry that will reduce the lead time in pre-production process networks to yield competitive advantage. The facility will help manufacturers with creating designs on screen in 3D, and patterns and fabrics 'stitched' on to this virtual model to visualise a garment. CAD and fit services will also provide successful use of mass customisation strategies that will benefit the textile and apparel industry.

Auditing and inspection is an industry still at its nascent stage, especially in textiles. Do you agree?

I agree, but only partially. I have witnessed tremendous growth in the testing, inspection and certification (TIC) sector. There is certainly a marked improvement in the demand for quality, and thereby the growth of the quality testing sector.

Do you suppose that the retail segment in India is fast growing? What makes you think so?

The retail segment in India has been experiencing a massive shift in terms of development and growth. Encouraging demographics, growing urbanisation, rising awareness among consumers, budding preferences for branded products and rising incomes are few key drivers of the retail business in India. According to a joint study by Assocham and Yes Bank, the overall retail market in India including both organised and unorganised sectors has been growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15 per cent, and is likely to reach a whopping Rs 47 lakh crore by 2016-17 from the level of Rs 23 lakh crore recorded in 2011-12. Despite challenges, the market is emerging exponentially, as fiscal growth brings more of India's people into the consuming classes, and organised retail leads to more shoppers.

You, as a person, have wide range of interests like chess and singing. How important do you suppose are such hobbies in making a person successful?

Music instantly re-energises me, and singing is the ideal stress-buster. I was introduced to chess by my father. What started as a mind-game, to improve concentration, quickly became my passion. Chess is challenging and fun at the same time. It is important to pursue your hobbies outside your work life. My hobbies help me reconnect with the real me, and at the same time act as an important networking tool.
Published on: 13/03/2015

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