Interview with Mr David Horlock

Mr David Horlock
Mr David Horlock
VP Global Inspection and Auditing (Consumer Goods)

Increased interest of manufacturers in relocating their base to cheaper hubs can be observed nowadays. Your company also provides services on Product Safety, Regulatory and Risk management with regards to reputational risk. How can these manufacturers be benefited from these services that you offer?

Well, the manufacturer has two choices; One they can wait until they are asked by the buyer to meet or demonstrate strict requirements or two, they can be pro-active and ask Intertek to help prepare and qualify them in becoming a successful exporter and show them how to demonstrate a high level of trust and confidence in safety, regulatory and reputational risk issues.

The first wait and see option can become very stressful when a 3rd party is injected into your organization like a policemen, because you are suddenly attempting to comply within a very short time frame, under a lot of stress and under the spotlight.

The second option is more along the lines of partnership. Here the factory becomes proactive and says, “I want to be a successful exporter and be aware of all key safety regulations, product testing requirements and reputational risk issues. I want Intertek to help me prepare to qualify my products, people and processes, and to ultimately gain the trust and confidence needed.“ Such an approach will cost money up front but is more cost effective in the long run, less stressful and enables you to showcase your credentials with confidence.

Intertek is well positioned to help factories become internationally compliant and competitive. We truly understand the safety, regulatory and reputational risk requirement of the industry. We have been servicing the compliance testing, inspection and assessment requirements of many global brands and retailers for many years. Many of them are already sourcing products from India.

We can help the factories by partnering with them to help with product design, and evaluation for compliance and regulatory testing in pre and post production.

As the worlds largest assessment company in the Consumer Products sector, we are listening to our clients needs and what we have done is to innovate and deliver to the market the next generation of auditing services includes:

•Workplace Condition Assessment (WCA) – Social •Think Green Initiative (TGI) - Environment •Global Security Verification (GSV) - Security •Mill Qualification Program (MQP) – Fabric Quality •Supplier Qualification Program (SQP) - Quality

We have a web based operation platform to manage the entire auditing process and at the same time deliver meaningful data providing greater performance visibility to act on key issues and even tell the world your story through measured results.

All Intertek programs are community based programs where the factory owns the report; Benchmarking data is able to share this with a multitude of buyers. Our most mature program is GSV (Global Security Verification) which has resulted in many factories reducing their C-TPAT or Security audits by 40-60% due to the current and growing program recognition by multiple brands and retailers. We see exactly the same trend occurring with our new programs including “Workplace Condition Assessment” and the “Think Green Initiative”.

However, the biggest business benefit is putting you in a position whereby you are able to evaluate your performance against your industry peers. Moving from the unknown to the known means you make better and more informed decision. This is why we coined the phrase, measured results for improved performance.

Factories are provided a detailed report with graphic benchmarking offering the following benefits :

-Performance analysis and benchmarks across region, industry, product category and vendors more effectively communicates performance issues, trends and progress - Community recognition by brands and Retailers will reduce audit cost and fatigue over time - Benchmarking and automated CAPA process drives improvement through competitive analysis - Factories take full ownership, own the information and can showcase Performance Outcomes - Better allocation of resources to areas requiring greatest attention against industry benchmarks - Achieving good corporate governance and preferred supplier status - Improving Trust and Confidence with suppliers through greater transparency of performance. - Graphical reporting and the Achievement Award allows suppliers to showcase performance

This is very powerful because it can help facilitate the process of improving the competitiveness of India’s business sectors.

Published on: 11/10/2010

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