Interview with Mr Marco Lucietti

Mr Marco Lucietti
Mr Marco Lucietti
Global Brand and Communications Manager
ISKO, Sanko Group
ISKO, Sanko Group

Please apprise us about the upcoming trends and innovations in denim.

JEGGINGS™- very popular, body hugging fit denims are like a second skin moving with you. JEGGINGS fabric is a technology that has been invented by ISKO™.

Another strong trend is what we call NEW VINTAGE, eg raw and natural aspects but with modern reinterpretation.

Other key roles will be played by leather or printed designs, as new interpretation of trends of the sixties.

Generally, stretch, fit, comfort with the utmost attention paid to the fabric finishing and washing is the key to win and pace with the trends and demand.

Experts are of the opinion that future growth in textile industry will be garment driven. How far do you agree with this?

Well, I think they are right to some extent. However, rather than garment driven, I believe, it would be retail driven or consumer driven industry for the time being. In any case, at the end of the day, the brands retailer will need good products for which in turn they will need good partners providing them good basic materials like fibres and fabrics to produce the best piece of garment. Therefore, I believe that our industry would be driven by partnerships between players along the value chain. Ofcourse, just to answer the consumer trends is not enough to be a good brand but is necessary to create good brands that are capable to meet consumers choices as well as a quality. And ISKO is trying to have good partners along the value chain to answer this market need.

So, undoubtedly the future industry will be retail driven but retail in order to respond will need best partnership along the value chain.

Some of the leading branded jeans manufacturers are incorporating smart fabrics and interactive technologies. What level of success can be estimated for such products in market amidst constricted financial set up of present times?

I think this will be a key trend in future, as lot of players will be moving for the smart fabrics. If we speak specifically about fabric Denim, as I already said, it is not any more a garment but a lifestyle. So some consumers use denim with smart fabrics to keep warmth in winter or to drain sweat and humidity in summer whereas some others with the help of nanotechnologies are able to give different kind of performances to fabrics. Let us say that interaction between technology and fabrics is one of the future landscapes of our industry.

So, I think smart fabrics would be a key to success in times to come. On performance and technological point of view, ISKO has already some products to respond these knacks, and we will announce very soon a global partnership with hi-tech producers in order to produce fabrics of future.

Hence, I would say that smart fabrics are going to be one of key trends in future.

As in your previous comments, you have cited and emphasized about working of entire value chain in sync. Does this any way points out ISKO to be associating itself to other sectors apart from denim, in near or long future?

For the time being -No! We are denim producers; we do not even produce garments because we would not like our production being overlapped with other players of the value chain. Our strength, knowledge and core values are Denim fabrics. We are ready for partnerships with other value chain players but we would keep retaining our core business as denim only.

As a Global Manager for Branding at ISKO, what I foresee is; the ISKO to be recognized as the BEST INGREDIENT BRAND for denim fabrics globally, like ingredient brand Lycra in fibres and Intel for computers.

We still have a lot of scope in Denim industry. We aspire to be not only biggest but also the best producers of Denim, globally. We are going to announce new branding strategy, new logo and brand identity shortly in Istanbul. We will be also launching our new marketing communications campaign shot by PIERO GEMELLI, one of the famous photographers, in collaboration with the famous Italian agency AdMirabilia; it will be on air as of mid of May.

The idea is to interpret denim fabrics as 'body language' or, in other words, we will present the concept of ISKO™ fabrics being the best ingredient to enhance the language of the body of consumers around the world. We will be investing by and large for this sector in R&D, innovations and marketing in Denim and around Denim only.

Published on: 10/05/2010

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