Interview with S Senthilkumar & ND Mhatre

S Senthilkumar & ND Mhatre
S Senthilkumar & ND Mhatre
President & Director General (Technical) respectively

What are the issues that bedevil the accessories market in India and globally?

It depends purely on the tendency of the entrepreneur. Many a times, we find entrepreneurs having new machines go for unbranded/local/low quality spares and accessories, while it is the opposite in many cases where owners of new machines go for only branded and good quality spares; the trend which is usually observed in the European market. Further, the equation of going for branded and high quality, high value spares also depends on the cost of machines and the category of technology used. For instance, no entrepreneur at present is taking the risk of going for unbranded or low quality accessories or spares for machines manufacturing technical textiles. Also, during the implementation of the TUF scheme over the last 10 years, a huge number of pre-owned machines have been installed in India - that of so-called good technology at lower cost. Thus, entrepreneurs running such machines will prefer to go for branded spare parts at lower cost or sometimes low quality accessories from domestic market, considering the depreciated value of these pre-owned machines that are 10-15 years old.

What steps is the association taking to address the problems faced by the accessories market?

About 80 per cent of ITAMMA members are manufacturers and traders of textile accessories. We have a comprehensive database of accessories manufacturers, and are aware of their problems. Accordingly, ITAMMA has come out with various initiatives to help these categories in technological development and also to give them an opportunity and a platform for enhancing their businesses. Activities like implementation of 5S, Lean Manufacturing Competitive Schemes, Design Awareness Schemes, Common Facility Centres and Product Development with the help various of textile research associations have been constantly organised by the association at different textile engineering clusters at Ahmedabad, Coimbatore and Mumbai. Further, as mentioned earlier, to help this category explore their business potential, competitive schemes like Share a Stall, Share a Table, Catalogue Display, and Delegation are implemented under the banner of ITAMMA pavilion at various international exhibitions. The global trend followed earlier by manufacturers was taking care of manufacturing activities of accessories while manufacturing the machines too; and so branded and precise accessories were available from machine manufacturers themselves. However, as European machine manufacturers shifted their activities to countries like China, the activity of manufacturing spares and accessories were discontinued and were started by the other Asian countries, especially India. Further, today's trend is that machine manufacturers supply machines as per the product that needs to be manufactured by these very machines. This has resulted in inception of different types of makes of machines; for example, in looms we find different types of companies and makes involved in the same technology, say of rapier technology. Thus, the scenario has created a Herculean task of concentrating on manufacturing of accessories and spare parts. ITAMMA has a mission plan with a vision: "To make India the hub of textile machinery and accessories by the year 2020". ITAMMA has realised that henceforth we need to play the role of a proactive partner, rather than only as a facilitator, and ensure that there is an active involvement of suppliers and users in all our activities. In accordance with this mission plan, a systematic roadmap of various activities has been prepared and executed every year, involving other associations and government bodies as well. We help our members to enrich their knowledge through 'News & Notes', a user-friendly website, and extend R&D support. We help them enhance their business through competitive schemes like Share a Table, Share a Stall, Catalogue Display, in the various exhibitions under an umbrella of 'ITAMMA Pavilion' and organise events like catalogue shows, mill visits, seminars, workshops, and publishing their business profile through a buyer's guide called 'Textile Stores & Machinery Directory'. The Export Cells at Ahmedabad, Coimbatore and Mumbai and in North India help members with the latest information of exports to overseas markets which we receive from embassies of different countries.
Published on: 25/11/2015

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