Interview with Peter Ackroyd

Peter Ackroyd
Peter Ackroyd
International Wool Textile Organisation
International Wool Textile Organisation

Now-a-days, wool is being creatively used. What are its dynamic myriad usage relevance?

Wool has a multiplicity of end uses. However, let us not forget our core business, which is fashion and interiors. Wool can be used for seat coverings and bulkheads on airplanes; it can be used for billiard table covers, tennis balls, fire-proof uniforms for fire fighters, nonflammable safety apparel for civil and military uses – the list is endless.

How do you envision the future of iconic fibre ‘wool’?

I have absolute confidence in the future of wool and I believe that demand will grow with the increase of ethical consumption of fashion and life-style products.

Please enlighten us about the further moves and plans of IWTO

The IWTO plans to capitalize on the resurgent demand for sustainable products with proven provenance. We are conscious that claims about sustainability need to be substantiated. IWTO remains the custodian of the rules and regulations of the wool textile industry and we will be appointing an Environmental Credentials Manager to ensure the wool story is properly told to all in the textile pipeline.
Published on: 25/10/2012

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