Interview with Harmeet Singh

Harmeet Singh
Harmeet Singh
Director- Sales & Marketing
Jogindra Industries
Jogindra Industries

Textile processing industry is seeing growth
Jogindra Industries is a manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of dyeing machines and textile machine accessories such as HTHP horizontal package yarn dyeing machine, hot air dryer, dummy roll trolley and textile bobbins. Harmeet Singh, director for sales & marketing, shares details about the latest developments at Jogindra Industries.

How would you describe the current state of textile processing sector in India?

The textile processing sector in India is in a positive state as of now. A fast growth is being witnessed, and we are happy with it.

The demand for which dyeing machines is high in the domestic and international markets?

HTHP vertical dyeing machine has the highest demand in the domestic market, whereas in the international market the demand for HTHP horizontal tubular dyeing machine is higher.

Which are your major markets? Which markets do you plan to explore in the future?

India is a major market for Jogson, at the same time Europe, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and many more countries comprise our international markets.

What is the USP of the textile processing machines at Jogindra Industries?

We have been serving the textiles industry for over three decades with top quality products by mainly following one rule, which is of serving the best quality products. The USP of Jogson's textile processing machines would undoubtedly be quality.

What are the latest innovations at Jogindra Industries?

We recently introduced a dyeing machine-Jogson MultiColor Space Dyeing Machine, with which one can dye yarn with eight colours at the same time with different designs. Since the day it was introduced in the global market, it has had a high demand.

What is the annual budget allocated towards R&D? What projects are you working on?

We have a rule of allocating 10 per cent of the sales of the previous year towards R&D. We are always working on projects where the customers can save money using our machines. One of our major ongoing projects is on energy saving.

What has been the growth in the last two fiscal years and what are your expectations for the next two?

In the last two fiscal years, the graph of our growth has been progressing day by day, and in the next two years, we will reach new heights. 
Published on: 21/12/2016

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