Interview with Mr Daniel Harari

Mr Daniel Harari
Mr Daniel Harari

How can Computer Aided Designing (CAD) solutions enhance product development and production process integration for the textile and clothing industry?

It reduces development time by up to 70%, enabling companies to develop more items more rapidly. It helps companies capitalize on their knowledge and corporate patrimony, helping them to re-use previous styles and develop best practices within the company. Our software includes these best practices developed over the years by the best of breed companies.

What is your say for the revolution in market conditions over the years?

Globalization. Competition in the Fashion market has become global: Chinese and Indian companies buy American and European companies to increase their knowledge in Fashion and reinforce their design skills. European and American companies have their products manufactured all over the world, and you can find the same products in shopping malls, in Shanghai, Delhi, New York, Milan or Paris.

For markets with and without technological know-how, what strategies help Lectra make headway in both?

Markets with technological know-how acknowledge the high quality of our technology and usually choose Lectra after intensive benchmarking. Markets without technological know-how select Lectra because of its user friendliness, its quick return on investment, its capacity to empower them to achieve a great leap forward in their development.

At Lectra, what emphasis is laid on (CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility?

Being a French and European company has made us very aware of not only social responsibility but also environmental issues. Lectra has a proven deontology in the way we do business over the last 30 years.

Published on: 03/03/2008

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