Interview with Mr Juha Laurio

Mr Juha Laurio
Mr Juha Laurio
President & CEO
Lindström Group
Lindström Group

Headquartered in Finland, Lindström Group is a global partner that enhances its client’s corporate image through textiles and cleanliness. Lindström Group operates in 19 countries in Europe and Asia. The Group consists of parent company Lindström Oy, subsidiary Comforta Oy in Finland and others in: Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine and Sweden. Its service range includes workwear and personal protection equipment as well as other textile services such as mats, shop towels, hotel and restaurant textile services. Lindström Group employs 2400 people and company turnover was 242 million euros in FY 2009. Lindström is a highly appreciated responsible employer and company. Mr Juha Laurio is the President & CEO Lindström Group. He joined Lindström Group as Executive Vice President, COO in March 2006. Mr Juha Laurio was named President and Chief Executive Officer of Lindström Group in March 2008. Mr Laurio has an extensive experience in international business. He, prior to joining Lindström Group, held several positions at Perlos Group in Finland and in USA during 2000-2005. His last position at Perlos Group was President, Americas Region. Before that he worked at Wärtsilä NSD Corporation as a Development Engineer at R&D of Diesel and Gas Engines. Mr Laurio holds a Master of Science degree in Technology- Mechanical Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology. In a talk with Ms Madhu Soni, Sr Editor & Correspondent- Face2Face, Mr Juha Laurio discusses at length about global workwear market and services on offering.

It was interesting to read about historic episodes of Lindstrom Group’s corporate journey. Can you bring out those episodes that you feel have been turning points for your group?

Some of the milestones that must be mentioned are of course:

1848, the foundation of the company in Helsinki, Finland.

1930, becoming in 1930 the first work wear provider in Europe.

1970, enlargement to the different rental textile services such as mats and hotel textiles.

1992, internationalization begins from Estonia and Russia.

2000, new century, new strategy – Lindström Cares for your image.

2007, Lindström begins operations in Chennai.

2008, Lindström decides of enlargement in Mumbai.

2010, New Delhi and planning also operations in Hyderabad.

You have been associated with the textile industry in a way or other for pretty long period of over a century or so. In your opinion, where has textile and garment industry gone different?

Shifting manufacturing of textiles to Asia has probably been one of the major 21st century changes – this has been a giant leap for the whole industry.

Also the fast growth in the Asian economies has made the market very interesting. Lindström as a service provider for industrial companies has wanted to witness this shift at a very close distance, and has growing operations in both China and India.

Besides, a “Third Wave” shift from manufacturing to service industries -- such as fast food and supermarkets chains or professional cleaning or other maintenance services -- has made work wear even more visible part of the company’s brand. Our clients often want to reflect their visual identity today through their personnel.

Published on: 05/07/2010

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