Interview with Juha Laurio

Juha Laurio
Juha Laurio
President and CEO
Lindstrom Group
Lindstrom Group

Do you believe that even today, there are certain regions that have a monopoly over a specific thing?

Our business concept is unique in India. Today the penetration rate of our service in Indian market is still very low and the whole concept is not yet very widely known. Naturally we are working on this and we see that there is very much potential. Our biggest challenge is to grow the awareness of our service within the companies that are still handling workwear issues in an old-fashioned way.

What factors are to be kept in mind while making a workwear so that they sell reasonably?

The most important aspects regarding workwear are protection, fit and comfort. When our end users feel good, comfortable and safe in their workwear, we have succeeded. Our work wear service offering can cover a wide range of industries with varying requirements regarding protection and safety. On the one hand, we provide garments for pharmaceutical industry, and on the other hand for heavy industry and for example welding, which have very different requirements.Taking these differences into consideration is essential. It is also always very important to ensure that workwear is good looking and supports the image of our customers. Anyhow, I would like to highlight that workwear itself is only part of the solution – the service makes it a complete solution.

In terms of supply, specifically in the apparel/textile making industry, which is that commodity/area which still needs to develop?

All areas of the supply chain need to be constantly developed in order to constantly further improve speed, quality, flexibility and cost efficiency. We are also constantly working on with this never ending challenge with our supply chain in order to have efficient and sustainable supply.

Do you feel that the textile market has been suffering because the rising costs? What are your suggestions to curb this?

With our service concept textiles are used more efficiently and that is one of the things that help overcome the rising costs. As I mentioned earlier, there are still many opportunities to improve supply chain efficiency in a sustainable way.

Wearable technology is the new in-thing today. What do you think about its prospects in work wear?

There are constant developments all the time also within fibers, accessories and workwear itself. We are studying the development constantly on this as well. I am confident that there will be new these kinds of features also in workwear in the future. The key is that the costs of the new features are less than added value for the customers.
Published on: 11/07/2013

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