Interview with Mr. Tomas Sonntag

Mr. Tomas Sonntag
Mr. Tomas Sonntag
MD, Fareast Asia
Logwin AG
Logwin AG

What is the stand of Logwin Logistics in terms of sustainability and eco friendliness? Do you rate your services as sustainable? Please elaborate.

We avoid empty runs and save duplicate journeys. We are gradually switching our truck fleet to more environmentally friendly vehicles for land transport in Europe. With packaging we always consider very carefully whether non-returnable or reusable packaging is the better option. The environmentally friendly solution is also often the more economical one.

Why do you think small and medium fashion and textile enterprises should come to you for logistics? What is special about Logwin Logistics for them?

It is quite simple. These customers should come to us because we know and understand their industry. We love fashion and lifestyle – just like our customers. We combine experience, expertise and service to form a very flexible and equally reliable offering. Thanks to our long presence in Asia, of which we are quite rightly very proud, we know the peculiarities of the infrastructure and production facilities. We understand the markets and can recognize trends early on. A current example is the very special solution that we developed for our customers in the fashion and lifestyle industry in 2012. Under the name of Red Carpet Logistics we combine fashion + lifestyle shipments from, to and within Asia with specialist warehousing solutions.

How important do you think is timeliness in the fashion and textile logistics industry? Has Logwin Logistics been successful in making a reputation as a timely service provider in this industry?

Timeliness is important not just in the fashion and textile industry. You are unlikely to find any company that is not dependent on it. Logwin enjoys a particularly good name because we always provide prompt information on these unforeseen circumstances in such good time that we or our customers can almost always find a good workaround. Our globally standardized IT system providing complete and seamless information on the supply chain in all locations and at all times and direct and personal communication helps us in this.
Published on: 29/01/2013

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