Interview with Vitali Graziano

Vitali Graziano
Vitali Graziano
President and MD

Like to grow at rate of 5-10% per year
Founded in 1995, Mactec provides equipment for the ageing of clothing items - dry process in simply words. In an interview with Fibre2Fashion, Vitali Graziano, President and MD, Mactec, speaks about the strengths of Mactec as a company, the advantages its machines provide compared to other companies.

Give us a background about Mactec including date of founding and the founders. What are the major achievements of the company till date? How many people do you employ?

Mactec was founded in 1995 with quality, support and sustainability as its core values. It represents a technological reference for the realisation of systems and equipment for the ageing of clothing items.

Owning a lot of patents and the unquestioned success of some of our equipment like Margherita for 3D, are evidence of our excellent research and the relevant added values comes out in all the product lines. Our constant attention to market demands permit dynamic research and scrupulous conformity with its needs.

Mactec is responsible for making machinery and equipment that consider the social impact on human lives like saving energy, water and harmful chemicals. We employ 14 people in that division, 60 in the group.

Where does Italy fare in the worldwide denim washing industry? How many customers do you have around the world?

Starting 2008, Italy has become a very small market for denim industry. Worldwide we have around 500 customers.

Where is your factory located at?

Our factory is located in Fano, a city on the Adriatic Sea.

What are the types of washing equipment you provide for denim garments? What different denim looks they provide?

Mainly we provide machines for dry process, dryers, curing conveyors, 3D whiskers machine, spray cabin and carousel with or without robot, scraping machines.

What is the production capacity of your machines?

We make machines for bulk production. Our customers manufacture/wash more than 4000/5000 pieces a day with the help of our machines.

What advantages do your machines provide compared to similar machines from other companies?

We pay a lot of attention to save energy and the environment. Productivity is also higher compared to our competitors.

How much are you investing in your machines annually?

For R&D, we invest about 7 per cent of the turnover. Last year we invested more because we took part in ITMA.

What percentage of your profit do you spend on your machines for their annual maintenance?

Mainly we outsource manufacturing of parts and components. We do R&D, design, assembly and test.

Which are your major markets? Which new markets do you plan to target?

Our major markets are Far East: Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Indonesia. We have China as our next target.

What are the new technologies being researched on in the Mactec Lab?

Automation with cooperative robot and drying technologies.

The textiles industry is considered to be a huge pollutant and denim perhaps among the most. How do you keep the carbon footprint as low as possible? What energy, water, chemical savings do the machines provide?

In certain cases, we save up to 70/80per cent energy compared to that by our competitors.

Please share details of the last two fiscal years and the target set for 2022.

For the year 2019, our turnover for division was €2,500,000 and €11,000,000 for the group; the revenue earned was quite similar to 2018. For 2020, the target is €3,000,000 for the division and €12,000,000 for the group.

What are your future expansion plans?

We don't have any specific plan yet. We would like to grow at the rate of 5-10 per cent per year. (PC)
Published on: 12/02/2020

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