Interview with Saurabh Jain

Saurabh Jain
Saurabh Jain
Director- Sales
Madeira India
Madeira India

What are your best selling products? What is your USP?

The best-selling products from Madeira are a complete range, as they are unique in each application. Most sought-after threads are Classic 40 and Polyneon 40. Also, metallic threads and wool-like threads are a good buy for customers. The USP of Madeira is quality, consistency, tenacity and availability. The products offered by Madeira are all tested at highest quality standards, and meet all international certifications.

Which new colours do you plan to introduce in the near future? Please share details.

Madeira usually adds some new colours every 3-5 years. As we are selling from the shelves, the number of colours in shade cards may not increase in big numbers, but of course we can do DTMs at any time provided the quantities are good and the customer has lead times on hand.

What colour trends dominate the Indian market?

The fashion market is huge, and so are the requirements of colours. There is no set pattern on which we can assess domination of particular colours. It is based on seasons and buyers. Designers have their own colour requirements for each of the buyers, and thus the colour movement is based on looks and appearance of embroideries designed by designers.

How do you ensure keeping pace with trends in the Indian market?

By keeping in constant touch with: (i) designers of all international and national brands; (ii) product development teams of buyers, liaison offices and domestic brands.

Who are your clients? Please share details.

The list of clients is huge, and it consists of almost all the leading garment exporters, embroidery companies and domestic brands. They can be from any field—apparel, footwear, home furnishings, automotive and industrial clothing.

Please share details of your last two fiscals and factors affecting your performance.

The company is being accepted by both international garment manufacturers and domestic brands, and the growth in the past five years has always been in two digits in accordance with the demand and trends.

What is the budget allocated to R&D?

Madeira believes in regular development, and stays in tune with international trends and demands. Now, with local presence of Madeira in the most important production hubs worldwide, Madeira always is updated about new developments and requirements in the market and is evaluating whether to develop a corresponding product range or not. We have dedicated a R&D team which works in close contact with global marketing teams to understand requirements and come out with suggestions to meet the requirements.

Please share some of your research findings.

Research findings suggest that there is a gap in the Indian embroidery market in terms of quality of the thread being used and also on how customers, embroiderers choose their thread. With a wide range of threads available in different thickness in the same quality—which customers are not aware of, the outcome of designs can be further enhanced. With innovations in the field of embroidery machines, we feel that run-ability of threads is the key to increase productivity, while maintaining quality and consistency in the final outcome of embroidery.
Published on: 15/06/2016

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