Interview with Mr M Gangadharan

Mr M Gangadharan
Mr M Gangadharan
Executive Director
MAG Solvics Private Limited (Mag Group)
MAG Solvics Private Limited (Mag Group)

MAG Solvics Private Limited, is a part of MAG Group that instigated its group operations in the year 1991. Today, MAG is one of the leading manufacturers of textile testing instruments for the entire textile spectrum. Headquartered in Coimbatore-India, MAG is the only Indian company into manufacturing of testing instruments for Fibre testing, Yarn testing & Fabric testing under one roof. Its global presence and glorious product range reflects the tremendous development of the company in all the stages. MAG has the major market share in domestic market and shines as a brand leader in providing customized products to its customers. MAG has extended its wings not only in developing markets, but also in Europe. During this short span of time, over 7000 installations / 3600 customers world wide are using MAG instruments to check the quality of their products with full customer satisfaction. Mr M Gangadharan is at the helm of management as Executive Director of MAG Solvics. He completed his engineering degree in Mechanical stream. He also has administrative degree and heads the marketing division. Speaking with Ms Madhu Soni, Sr Editor & Correspondent- Face2Face, while painting a word picture of global textile industry, Mr Gangadharan also shares about textile testing equipments market details.

Your Group provides testing equipments for entire value chain i.e. from fibre to fabric. Setting the talk in, let me request you a word picture of current movements in textile industry globally?

The textile industry as a whole, has revived from the global recession. Now, the global economies are improving slowly and the movement is quite encouraging. But, the domestic market is suffering from high raw material cost, shortage of power & skilled labor. So, the installations are slow & less in number except few regions like Andrapradesh, Punjab etc. However, the customers are more aggressive in technology up gradations of their machinery to compete with the global markets.

The environment in International markets like Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, etc are also comparatively improving. The textile machinery manufacturers in India are set to increase the production of textile machines for domestic as well as global market. Considering the present level of orders, we are expecting that 2010 & 2011 will be a more successful year for the whole textile industry.

How would you relate your Group’s presence in textile testing laboratory equipments arena and its world market dynamics?

We started our company in 1991 as a small scale industry and now we are very proud to say that MAG is the only company from India, which manufacturers variety of testing equipments for the entire textile sector covering from Ginning to Apparel. We have our presence in all the sectors of textile industry because of which we have a wide customerbase and our products has reached all the sectors of the textile industry. We have products ranging from economical models to highly improved versions. So we are able to serve all categories of customers in the industry and we are well-known for our service flexibility and quality products. We have a strong presence in domestic market as well as in International markets. Today , we have become 'one stop testing solution providers' for the whole industry.

In late 90's the textile industry was dependent only on European manufacturers and very few from Asia. But now, that monopoly in the field is no more. So, manufacturers who need their brand to survive, need to upgrade the technology and develop more sophisticated testing machines to prove their unique capability. We help them acheive their goals

Would you like to bring to notice any area of concerns that you see hampering actual healthy growth of your sector in the country?

Yes, it is AWARENESS. It is easy to make productivity from production machineries. But for getting productivity from a testing equipment, the operator should have atleast basic knowledge about the standards and the process of utilizing the equipment. But, still in most of the factories the operators are not properly trained on this. It is very encouraging from the Government side to develop qualified trained technical personnel to the Textile Sector by training through NIFT like institutions. To increase their productivity and to reduce the cost of production Quality equipments play a vital role. So, the customers should be properly educated regarding the importance of testing.

Government should also encourage Training programme, Seminars & Conferences on Various forms of Textile Testing to create an awareness between the customers and off course to encourage the local manufacturers of testing equipments.

Published on: 01/12/2010

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions expressed in this column are solely of the interviewee, and they do not reflect in any way the opinion of Fibre2Fashion.com.

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