Interview with Mr Zvika Lieberman

Mr Zvika Lieberman
Mr Zvika Lieberman
Managing Director
Textile and Fashion Industries Association [Manufacturers Association of Israel]
Textile and Fashion Industries Association [Manufacturers Association of Israel]

How has the Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZ) Agreement signed with Egypt (February 2005) bided for your textile industry?

The treaty has proven its worth to Israel, Jordan and Egypt, boosting Israeli exports to Jordan as well as Jordanian exports to the US.

What are recent developments in the arena of Technical Textiles at Israel?

There are several. Naming a few;

a) Israel’s high-tech prowess has “woven” its way into the textile industry as well. Israel has a reputation as a textile innovator because of its ability to develop great materials. In fact, Israeli marathoners at the 2008 Olympic Games sported Tefron’s EFP (engineered for performance) activewear, pioneering seamless construction and ultrasonic bonding techniques marked major innovations in intimate apparel because they eliminated the need for conventional sewing and delivered garments with an exceptionally smooth and comfortable fit. Israel is one of the largest manufacturers of seamless worldwide, especially in sportswear.

There is cooperation between the high-tech industry and the textile and apparel industry. Equipment invented by electronics leaders is used to scan fabrics before they are packed -a very sophisticated QA tool that provides accurate results. A digital printer from Scitex capable of printing on textiles will reduce the cost of screen printing.

b) Made from 100% recycled Post Consumer Material. With its, cool, trendy design you’d never believe that the fabric and the lining of this EcoGir™ jacket is made from 100% recyclable material originally created from discarded PET bottles. Garments made from recycled Post Consumer Material save more energy compared to manufacturing of virgin fiber, help divert waste from landfills and reduce amounts solid waste. Thus, reducing carbon footprint! It is estimated that nearly 30 recycled plastic bottles are used to build up an EcoGir™ Recycled suit. The development of this suit was to aim at a product that maximizes product quality while reducing carbon footprint. This will impact the environment significantly, as it also reduces the CO2 emissions.

d) Kata 3N1-10 3in1 Sling Backpack - The 3N1-10 sling backpack features a unique TST RIB structural protection for A D/SLR with mid-range zoom lens attached as well as 1-2 lenses, flash + personal gear. This unique bag provides ultimate freedom and allows for three carrying options in one while morphing from sling to backpack and back again fast and easy by use of its quick release buckles.

In sling position, the bag easily swings around from back to front to achieve quick draw access to your main camera and backup lenses as well as fast and easy changing of lenses. In backpack position and "X" position you can comfortably carry your equipment for long distance walking when needed. The included chest belt and balancing hip strap helps take the load of your heavy equipment off your shoulders. Arrange your equipment in the bottom main compartment of the pack taking full advantage of the modular dividers to custom fit the bag to your exact equipment.

The large top compartment will hold personal gear or additional gear, and the internal pockets and mp3 player pouch will allow you to organize your personal effects as efficiently as your photographic gear. Two external pockets allow quick zippered access to accessories without opening the main compartments.

The included rain cover folds neatly away into an integrated pocket and can be hung out to dry on the small buckle next to the handle, or tucked away for storage in one of the pockets.

e) ThermogreenTM: the product is a flat heater which belongs to a line of products that make use of the innovative heating technology - ThermogreenTM. The heater is light, safe, and economical in its electricity consumption and radiates heat using FIR (Far Infrared) technology. It encompasses several design principles of a new, iconic look that fits an innovative product in the domestic heating field; a friendly, non-intimidating appearance; and the use of different colors and textures; all these combine to create the thinnest lightest heater possible.

Any message from Israeli Textile & Clothing industry that you may like to convey to our international visitors?

Well, on this I would like to convey them some additive advantages of our textile and clothing industry;

Technology Makes the Difference: Israeli fashion and textile companies benefit from Israel’s standing as an international center of high-tech innovation. They have taken advantage of the latest developments in advanced textile equipment. Sometimes, to meet a specific design or overcome a long-standing industry challenge, they develop their own innovative solutions. New leading-edge ultrasonic bonding equipment that cuts and seals fabric pieces without the need for conventional sewing, and is known industry-wide as seamless construction, has propelled Israel to the forefront of the intimate apparel industry sector.

Sophisticated high-tech equipment is also used in fabric printing, dyeing, and processing, as well as for manufacturing the thinnest nylon threads in the world for use in pantyhose.

A Cosmopolitan Sense of Fashion: Over the years, Israeli manufacturers and designers have developed a knack for identifying and targeting specific niche markets around the world. Many Israeli manufacturers have strong relationships with leading international fashion retailers and mail-order catalog houses. They often produce private label lines developed through joint cooperation.

Free Trade Agreements around the World: Israel is the only country to have free trade agreements with Canada, Eastern Europe, EFTA, the European Union, Mexico, Turkey, and the United States. Opportunities are constantly being explored to add to this group. In addition, both Israel and Jordan benefit from a special QIZ agreement that enables them to jointly manufacture textile and apparel products and market them in the United States duty and quota free.

A Cut Above: Utilizing sophisticated production technology enables Israeli manufacturers to meet the uncompromising standards of Western markets.

Strong product development, the ability to resource quality raw materials, and strict quality control all contribute to the industry’s reputation for reliable quality and on-time delivery.

Designs that Make Their Mark: ‘Original’, ’Creative’, and ‘Trendsetting’- all these well describe Israel’s fashion and textile apparel industry. Israeli designers have propelled their industry to world renown and acclaim with fashions that are sought by trendsetters around the world.


Published on: 09/02/2009

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