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Marco Borioli
Marco Borioli

Which top regions do exhibitors and visitors hail from (at Maredimoda)?

The exhibitors are mostly from Italy and Spain (in particular, the district of Barcelona), with both acting as leading countries in Europe for beachwear fabrics and accessories, while visitors come from all over the world. Italy accounts for 30 per cent of total visitors, followed by France, Spain, Germany and the UK. The US and Turkey are also there with several premium brands looking for fabrics and accessories capable of making their items unique and exclusive.

How have sourcing practices changed in the times of Brexit, circular economy, sustainable living, wearable technology and a thrust on consuming homegrown fashion?

For some years now, we have been witnessing the reshoring phenomenon where production goes back to Europe or neighbouring countries due to the negative experiences in the Far-Eastern countries. In this regard, Maredimoda is hosting a very peculiar area for garment makers producing on behalf of third parties and hailing from Italy, Portugal, Romania and Tunisia, who are able to provide high-quality service, low minimum order quantities and fast delivery times compared to the Far-East. This is in addition to the geographical and cultural closeness which makes work more simple and profitable.

What are the three must-haves that buyers for innerwear & beachwear are looking for in terms of yarn, fabrics, and design?

Eco-sustainability awareness is becoming stronger, and fibres from natural sources or recycled fibres are increasingly gaining ground. And, as far as fabrics are concerned, technological innovation and fashion content are two unavoidable features.

Is athleisure still going to remain a macro-trend at Cannes in November?

Athleisure is the new casual-we are no longer talking about a trend but a revolution in the fashion sector, with innovative and performing fabrics aimed at combining comfort with style. Fabric manufacturers are working in this direction and are creating high-level collections to be submitted to the new and popular brands that are in turn looking for exclusive products. 

Athleisure is not only a macro-trend, but also features a wide and comprehensive new vision of a way of life. Athleisure is healthy, comfortable and responsible. 

What will be the major trends at Maredimoda in November 2018 in terms of colours, prints, patterns, style & fit, accessories, and fabric?

At the next edition of Maredimoda, a three-day affair beginning November 6, we will present the S/S 2020 trends as developed by a think-tank heading the Maredimoda Trend Board. Its members include David Shah, trend forecaster and editor of trade magazine VIEW, Anne Marie Commandeur from the Stijl institute in Amsterdam, a trend analysis agency specialising in fashion and design trends, as well as a pool of experts of design department heads at our companies. Trends are under investigation, but preliminaries indicate that purple will be the most interesting colour. From soft lilac to electric or luminous to deep purple-those would be the colours. In terms of patterns and novel material surfaces, purple and electric blue depict the impact of technology-trying to reach a luminescence and saturation that translates well only on screens. That is what we also like to see in the comeback of the fluorescent hues. What will be the major trends at Maredimoda in November 2018 in terms of colours, prints, patterns, style & fit, accessories, and fabric?

Do you plan to take Maredimoda beyond Cannes?

Maredimoda has always been planned to go beyond Cannes, with promotions all over the world, both in trade magazines and on the internet, while viewing the universe of social networks more favourably. Our strength, however, lies in the oldest and most effective communication method-word of mouth. All trade players know about the fair and want to be there; the brands which do not know us yet are recommended by their suppliers to visit us by their suppliers (and also the other way around). "See you at Maredimoda" is the most common closing salutation at the end of a business meeting. It is an exclusive yearly appointment that nobody wants to give up. "Those who do not visit Maredimoda are not creating nice collections" has been summarised so by Brazilian designer Amir Slama. Should we talk about new events, we would have to move to another area of our company. Maredimoda works at a global level by organising targeted events or business missions in countries deemed interesting for textile companies. In September, we organise a preview in Munich (Germany), and over the last few years we have organised business missions in Columbia, Brazil and the US.

What was the footfall at Maredimoda last year? What are the expectations this year?

The 2017 edition was marked by an increase in the number of visitors and the presence of new high-level exhibitors. The expectations from 2018 will be in the confirmation as a leading event in the top-of-the-range list, extending the presence of visiting athleisure brands while becoming a reference trade fair for companies in the sector. Those who work with fashion cannot stay away from Maredimoda. Don't forget to mark it in your calendar.(HO)
Published on: 22/06/2018

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