Interview with Mr Claudio Taiana

Mr Claudio Taiana
Mr Claudio Taiana

Being the voice for Italian beachwear fabric industry, which all facts would you bring to light as the present bottlenecks of this industry (lets keep recession aside)? How does being a MarediModa members help to amass the fortune in the market?

In addition to the well known difficulties on the market in terms of the economic downturn and which have touched all the sectors, structural problems have also emerged. Going back a moment to my previous response, I repeat that a repositioning has to take place between the Far East and Europe. Clearly, we can only sustain lower levels of employment if we maintain high quality production.

Being members of MarediModa, or exhibitors at our exhibitions, means being part of a large company formed by micro-businesses, with all the benefits of being part of a system that protects the work of European businesses without losing the specific characteristics of each individual business, a feature that still represents an added value in our sector.

“Let's defend the value of ideas. Let's defend creativity.” What is this tenet all about?

The mission of MarediModa is to protect the quality and creativity of European production.

We are currently witnessing the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy, namely, the return to Europe of many specialists in beachwear and lingerie, who believe it is essential to produce in Europe the most qualified part of their collection, tired of the increasing depersonalization of their lines due to the mass-produced and characterless style of Asian production. MarediModa – IntimodiModa is more than a receptacle for ideas, it is a platform of advanced services, a centre of excellence that is also a dynamic defense of the European textile culture known to be impossible to reach by all high quality manufacturers.

Interesting! Through MarediModa S.c.a.r.l, your group has been convening the fairs past six years now, in your view, where has the science and art of organizing trade fair for this sector re-engineered itself especially to retort and win over the situation of current crisis?

The current economic crisis is reshaping relationships between exhibitors and exhibition centres. Successful exhibitions are the ones that are specialized toward the top and which have figured out a way to eliminate the distances between exhibitors and organizers, while placing a strong accent on the services and making an exclusive offer rather than a generalized and uncoordinated event. MarediModa S.c.a.r.l. is not an exhibition centre but the expression of the businesses and will continue to provide a service to sector operators through the event in Cannes and the commercial missions organized during the year.

MarediModa has continued its run and is taking the lead since it brings with it deep values and a unique philosophy. Maredimoda does not follow the usual commercial tack of exhibition centres dedicated primarily to the sale of exhibition spaces and exhibitors are not customers but players that contribute to affirmation of our event. The Cannes engagement is the most important in the world in the high quality beachwear and lingerie sector. Visitors have acclaimed the success and what takes place year in and year out, proof of the strength that Made in Europe products still possess.

The current crisis has certainly changed the market structure and forced companies to cope with a new way of doing business with increasingly fragmented orders and shorter times. In such a scenario, the flexibility of our businesses could be rewarding in the short- and long-term.

And lastly, we wish to know MarediModa's activities to encourage the emerging talents making industry still innovative?

MarediModa strongly believes in young talents. This year, it has planned major investments in promoting new young talents with the launch of its new talent scouting competition, THE LINK.

The competition is free of charge and open to students of fashion design as well as others in design and communications from the 100 European design schools.

All the finalists will be invited to Cannes on the occasion of MarediModa – IntimodiModa for the Official Awards Ceremony, during which the winner will be recognized. All finalists will be introduced to the press, the fashion houses and the style offices. The winners’ designs in beachwear and lingerie will be the stars of a fashion show celebrating their creative content while the first place winner in the concept & communication area will exhibit the award-winning advertising work on a jumbotron. The events will be documented in a photo shoot and a video and will be followed by a press release especially dedicated to the event.

The top three finalists in each area will be present in the exhibition (nine in all) which will provide a mini-atelier for each reference area (three in all) to gather the designs produced as if it were a real showroom. Furthermore, the three winners will take home a cash prize and will be involved in a dynamic and exciting training project in the Como fashion district.

Thank you so much, Mr Taiana! Its been pleasure speaking to you!

You're welcome!!


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Published on: 17/08/2009

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