Interview with Pranav Sachdeva

Pranav Sachdeva
Pranav Sachdeva
Mercury Fabrics
Mercury Fabrics

What fabrics and dyeing specifications need to be maintained while supplying to high street labels? How do you fulfil these requirements?

There are no particular specifications that high street labels look for. Each brand has its own story, an image, and an identity reflected through products it offers. Each is unique and that is why different people relate to different brands. From previous times high-street labels have become extremely cautious about the products they purchase, the process route they opt for and even the composition of the fabric, now days we see a lot of organic cotton and BCI (better cotton initiative) cotton being purchased. When an order is placed, there are specifications that need to be met, which may differ from fabric to fabric. Those parameters are checked through fabric performance tests which can also be conducted at third party labs. We have in-house capabilities that match any testing lab outside and certified by leading fashion labels like H&M for whom we are the only gold supplier for knitted fabric in India.

Who are the big players in this industry in Asia?

I would not call the manufacturers big players. No matter how big a manufacturer might be, a significant portion of production capacity is occupied by the buyers they produce for, and those buyers procure from multiple manufacturers that have the same capacities and capabilities. Therefore, it would be fair to say that the real big players are multi-national buyers which have the capacity to feed many assumed big players in the manufacturing arena.

What fabric blends do you offer?

We offer an array of different blends from cotton modal, cotton viscose, bamboo viscose, tencil bamboo, viscose wool and supima cotton modal with all of them being made with lycra. Depending on the permutations and combinations of structures, compositions, prints and finishes we can offer almost 400 different types of qualities.

What are the latest technologies and innovations at Mercury Fabrics?

We have several unconventional products including anti-microbial, wrinkle-free and UV-finishes on the fabric to technology that could turn the fabric into insect repellents.

There is growing emphasis on keeping production processes and the product sustainable. Are you taking any measures to work towards it?

We believe in sustainable development. Consumption of natural resources at a rapid pace, use of inappropriate material for production and a rising environmental pollution have far-reaching consequences, not only for us but for generations to come. It is the responsibility of human beings to take appropriate action. Keeping this in mind, we have launched an initiative, Target Zero. We have pledged to recycle a significant amount of water, almost close to 100 per cent. We have also pledged to completely eliminate our carbon emissions by 2019 and have totally restricted the use of unfit chemicals. This is just a step forward from our side and we hope to do more.
Published on: 27/06/2016

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