Interview with Hans Wroblowski

Hans Wroblowski
Hans Wroblowski
Area Sales Director SEA and Head of Denim Technology
A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG
A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG

Which machines for denim finishing are in high demand and in which regions?

Eco line, Eco Applicator, Monfortex compressive shrinking range even in well proven 'Twin Shrink' configuration for energy savings and highest processing speeds and the latest Monforts coating head range are in demand with deliveries already made to India, Bangladesh and Vietnam for the latest ranges.

What are the challenges facing the machinery vertical, and what would be your three-point formula to resolve them?

The challenges recognised by Monforts is to meet the environmental demands whilst providing the highest productivity and ensuring savings on water, steam and energy.

Which are the three main sustainable policies followed at your units?

Sustainable policies endorsed by Monforts are to avoid pollution and excessive use of resources such as steam, water and salts and ensuring a reduction of chemical usage.

Are there any future plans of investment or expansion? If yes, kindly explain.

Firstly, a new complete coating line has been commissioned by Monforts in its Advanced Technology Centre (ATC) at the company's headquarters in Mönchengladbach, Germany; allowing customer's in-house opportunities to undertake trials with Monforts complete range of coating heads under fully confidential, real production conditions. Final trials on the coating line will have been completed in August for rotary screen printing. The facility also offers trials for a complete range of options for coating applications including knife over air, knife over roller, magnetic roller and printing head coating options such as, for example, magnetic roller coating for lacquering or minimal application. Fully enclosed, the coating line is set up for solvent flammable materials. Test can also be undertaken for PTFE at temperatures of up to 310° C and PTFE sintering. In addition to the new coating line, the ATC hall includes a full Thermex continuous dyeing range suitable for the Econtrol and T-CA process: a Montex 6500 stenter for knitted fabrics with vertical chain return and equipped with Eco Applicator: and a Montex 8000 stenter for technical textiles - incorporating Eco Applicator, high temperature and an explosion-proof execution for treating fabrics with solvents. Monforts technologists are also available for comprehensive customer's advice on all aspects of coating, dyeing and finishing for technical and classical textiles providing full assistance for economic and ecological processes. The hi-tech, world class facility is another example of Monforts policy to fully support its customers in achieving the best possible solutions in finishing its fabrics efficiently under ecological and economic al conditions. Secondly, the company is also developing new types of application units. For example, replacement of cylinder dryers and padder technology, where possible. Lastly, work is also under way in developing new types of processing including dry alkalising processes under special dry conditions to provide considerable resource savings.
Published on: 17/08/2016

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