Interview with Sebastian Klinder

Sebastian Klinder
Sebastian Klinder
Managing Director
Munich Fabric Start
Munich Fabric Start

Innovative prints in 3D technology are meeting with great interest
Munich Fabric Start, a bi-annual trade event, presents a vast selection of collections ranging from plains to haute couture fabrics and accessories. Sebastian Klinder, managing director, Munich Fabric Start shares insights about the German apparel market and provides updates of the company's forthcoming trade show.

How large is turnover in the international apparel industry?

Global turnover generated by the international apparel industry in 2014 stood at approximately €1 trillion in 2014. Despite a slight drop posted by luxury goods this figure confirms the dynamism of this multi-layered and impulse-generating sector of the textile industry.

Please shed some light on the German apparel industry.

The German textile and apparel industry achieved total turnover in 2015 of €32 billion. 60 per cent of this was accounted for by the textile sector and 40 per cent by the fashion sector. This means Germany continues to lead in Europe with turnover growth totalling 1.9 per cent, according to the textile and fashion association Gesamtverband textil+mode. Here the 3.4 per cent rise in industrial textiles is pleasing to note.

What were the highlights of the recently concluded VIEW Premium Selection?

VIEW Premium Selection lists first among the international fabric fairs. This was once again confirmed by the great interest shown by leading creative teams from the entire German ready-to-wear sector as well as from well-known brands and designers. Also positive is the presence of renowned visitors from abroad like Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Akris, Daks and Norse Project. The high degree of information from the over 300 already far developed - and therefore convincing - collections of our partners was impressive.

How many visitors and exhibitors took part? How have figures changed compared with the last event?

Both exhibitor and visitor numbers show positive developments. Indeed, we have been able to post new suppliers from both home and abroad. Visitor numbers are also displaying a continuous rise. Of great importance to us as organisers is not only the quantitative increase but also, more significantly, the extension of a consciously chosen, high-quality range. Furthermore, Munich Fabric Start is also developing extremely positively. For instance, the portfolio of fabrics, additional and services at the forthcoming event comprises some 1,700 collections from a record 1,000 suppliers who presented on space, now extended by two new halls, totalling 42,500 square metres. Here, too, we are posting constant growth in international visitor structure.

What region did most visitors come from?

VIEW Premium Selection was highly attended by the German market that occupies a strong position internationally. Beyond this, interest from trendsetting brands and leaders from Switzerland, the Benelux, Great Britain and Scandinavia is growing.

What are the most important innovations in the fabric, denim and sportswear segments?

As in the past, the high degree of fashion focus was convincing and inspiring in collection design and ran through all collections like a common theme, both in the fabrics, denim and sportswear segments and in additionals. Also demonstrating great creative potential were the design studios represented at VIEW. Obviously forming current highlights are the innovative accents of potential smart textiles that are playing an increasingly important role in the development of strong market collections.
Published on: 03/08/2016

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