Interview with Mr. Fabio Kahn

Mr. Fabio Kahn
Mr. Fabio Kahn
Nilit (Fibers Division)
Nilit (Fibers Division)

Taking leaf from the history of Nilit Ltd, can you tell us about its ‘Nylon 66 fibres to fashion’ journey?

"Nilit Ltd., a 30 year-old company, is an established manufacturer of Nylon 6.6 fibres for the fashion legwear and bodywear markets. Nilit is well known throughout the world for its fine and super fine yarns for the women’s legwear industry. The Company is also a pioneer in the development of nylon microfibers, a field in which it is active since 1987. A leader in the global market for hosiery yarns, Nilit is a flexible supplier, providing high quality, rapid-response solutions for knitters’ design and manufacturing needs. Nilit greatly benefits from the fact that we produce our own polymers, and therefore we are able to “engineer” our polymers and develop unique and special yarn properties – In 1999, Nilit made a significant investment to expand its activities in microfibres from the legwear market to include rapidly expanding opportunities in intimate apparel and activewear. The Company added state-of-the-art equipment, while broadening its market research and product development activities. This effort vastly expanded the Company’s target markets and represented a bold leap into the highly competitive fashion market, particularly for seamless intimate apparel, bodywear, activewear & legwear. Nilit has positioned itself to become a leading innovator in the manufacture and development of microfibres and their applications. 18 months ago, Nilit also established a yarns development center, in which we have invested US$1.5 Mil. At this center, we have pilot lines that enable us to develop our products with “short runs”. "

Diverse products provide necessary edge over competition. Do you support this contention?

"Definitely support this contention. Nilit prides itself in being the innovative producer of specialty multi-purpose polyamide yarns intended for a broad spectrum of uses for intimate apparel, legwear and activewear. Nilit's diverse and innovative range of Products provide the necessary edge over competition and keeps us abreast of the latest market demands. "

Can you single out one particular product / brand of yours that has withstood the competition over a period, and how?

"All Sensil branded yarns have withstood competition – see attached description of the Sensil Family of Specialty Fibers. “Each and every yarn has its own unique characteristic(s) which provide designers and fabric/garment producers with a versatile range of design possiblities for intimate apparel, activewear, bodywear, swimwear and legwear.” "

What is the mainstay of your diverse product range that you offer to your global customers?

The range is from super fine denier yarns to Microfibers.

Why do you call Sensil as the ‘Fiber of the Future’?

"NILIT’S wide variety of SENSIL ® yarns perfected for seamless, legwear and circular knitting, offers all the fiber attributes of performance and comfort demanded by the modern consumer, while providing endless creative possibilities for designers and fabric developers. Nilit has developed a family of products that represent the latest novelty in nylon 6.6 textile fibers. This development makes use of the newest technologies on the market to keep pace with the hottest trends and to lead the consumer into the future with fibers that meet their everyday needs. "

What spurred the INVISTA European Nylon Apparel Business acquisition?

Nilit is a Nylon 6.6 producer – and this is our only product. When the opportunity came up as a result of the fact that Invista wanted to focus more on the Lycra than on the Nylon product – we took it with both hands, as part of our commitment to the Nylon 6.6 users.

In the present situation how do you read competition?

"Competition will always exist, nevertheless Nilit is confident that the Company will positively maintain advantages over competitors by further dedicating itself to specific market needs via custom-made solutions, personal service to customers and innovative fibers’ development. We are now one of the three main supplyers of world Nylon 6.6 and the one with the best development tools among all three, and we will work hard to establish our leading position."

Any strategies for increasing global market share of your company?

"Nilit aims to continue its growth through new product innovations and expanding its sales into new global markets, as well as promoting its existing and new Brands (under license for exclusive use in EMEA). Nilit is a global supplier and will follow its customers wherever they go. Recent acquisitions of Invista and Torcidos clearly define increased market share of Nilit, as well as global vicinity of production sites which have increased the convenience of distribution and development of fibers for customers. "

How do you foresee the future of textile industry in Israel?

"The Israeli Textile market will continue to become increasingly global and seamless production will continue to migrate to regions abroad in order to withstand price competition. Meanwhile, the Israeli companie’s headquarters – administrative offices which include: Sales & Marketing, R&D, Finance and Legal teams - will remain in Israel. The general trend of Israeli Companies to move into the high-performance activewear segment, as well as to preserve the intimate apparel segment will proceed. More and more well-known, global Private Labels/Brands (such as: Victoria’s Secret, NIKE, Speedo, and the like) will continue to turn to Israeli seamless and CK manufacturers for mass production solutions that meet the high-quality standards and leadtime production schedules associated with these reputable Brands. "

‘Innovation means success.’ How is Nilit placed on this front?

"At Nilit, innovation is at our very core and the very “fiber” of our company. From the individual polymers to the finished yarns, cutting-edge technology is what drives Nilit. From inspiration comes innovation. At Nilit, we maintain an overriding commitment to quality, attention to detail, and a firm promise to our customers to continue to be inspired to making innovations in the world of microfibers.As was said before – we are taking the advantage of being able to engineer our polymers, and our new state-of-the-art development center. "

Apart from antibacterial yarns do you plan to expand your range in health care related textiles?

Nilit’s in-house Resource and Development Center is presently concentrating on the development of fibers with high performance characteristics and health-care benefits. The market can look forward to innovative solutions/developments which meet the needs of the ever-demanding consumer in the near future.
Published on: 21/09/2006

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