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Marten Hellberg
Marten Hellberg
OrganoClick AB
OrganoClick AB

We will be in Asia this year
Biomimicry, biopolymers, fire retardents, and fluorocarbon free water repellent functional garments are among the hot technological innovation topics in the industry today. Marten Hellberg, CEO of Swedish company OrganoClick AB, talks about these technologies and sheds some light on the recent funding and financial aspects of his company in an interview with Fibre2Fashion.

Green technology often comes at a cost. Wouldn't it be easier to accept and implement if the burden of cost is reduced? Also, wouldn't volumes, more so in Asian countries, help in recovering the cost of research and development of that technology? What are your thoughts on this? Don't you think someone needs to take that first step to mould opinion and action in this direction?

The volumes, in the textile industry, are definitely concentrated in Asia. So Asia is definitely an area of focus, and one of the main reasons for us collecting capital through a public funding. We are looking forward to expand to Asian countries. It is definitely a priority for us at the moment.

What are the latest technological innovations taking place in green chemical and material technologies?

There are so many things happening right now in this direction. I would say biomimicry is one of the hottest technological trends. That would mean looking at naturally-occurring materials and functions, and replicating them into industrially-produced materials with similar properties. Spider webs, for example, have immense strength, and its properties can be replicated into fibres for similar strength. Another topic of interest in Europe is that of biopolymers, which can be derived and developed from normal cellulosic pulp.

What are the technological innovations taking place in the direction of sustainable functional garments?

An area that we are focussing right now is developing fluorocarbon-free water-repellent functional garments. Most of the water-repellent functional garments have fluorocarbon in them which are toxic in nature.
Published on: 19/02/2015

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