Interview with Marten Hellberg

Marten Hellberg
Marten Hellberg
OrganoClick AB
OrganoClick AB

What new innovations are in the pipeline from OrganoClick?

An area that we are looking at is fire retardants.

What is your annual turnover?

It took us around five years to develop the first product. Two years ago, we launched our first product and had revenues of EUR 0.3 million. Now, we have a turnover of around EUR 3 million and are aiming at EUR 6 million in 2015. We have just raised gross SEK 75 million (EUR 8 million).

Being a listed company, how do you expect the current fiscal year to turn out?

In terms of overall sales, we have just raised around EUR 8 million. We plan to grow our sales and marketing organisations in Europe and Asia with the capital. We are expecting very good sales and generating more revenue from last year.

What part of the total capital collected is allocated for R&D?

We have a strong R&D setup in the company. It has remained our focus for the last eight years. But the main dimension for capital collected at this stage is for marketing and further expansion of the organisation. As we have a good R&D setup, we do not have a pressing need to invest more in R&D at the moment.

Any plans for expansion into other countries?

Yes, certainly. We are exploring new markets in Asia and in Germany. Our near-term plans are to enter the Asian market this year, and to enter the German market in 2016.
Published on: 19/02/2015

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