Interview with Mr Joerg Schlageter

Mr Joerg Schlageter
Mr Joerg Schlageter

What effect do market situation like today- currency and raw material prices fluctuations to consider, can cause on businesses of your type? To what extent does Osthoff Group go affected by this?

This certainly affects our business as it makes the investment for our customers more expensive. In the case of currency fluctuation it can lead customers to postpone the planned investment until its more favourable for them.

With the fact that your company’s main focus is on fabric singeing sector, how do you find competition in your sector, and what strategies helps ensure your monopoly?

Competition in our sector is there, so you can’t say we have a monopoly. What can be said is that we do occupy in many parts of the world a good share of this particular market. It might be of advantage that we can concentrate all our energy on our singeing machine which is our main product. We do have an active R & D department with experienced engineers which helps us to stay ahead of competition.

Amongst Conventional and Non Conventional textiles market, which one do you read as more lucrative one?

The non conventional textile market (Non Woven) is certainly lucrative simply because there are less players and the field of application is huge.

Any news from your R&D division?

On the last ITMA 07 in Munich we have presented our new online hairiness tester. For the first time its possible to measure and influence the singeing result which is reflected in the remaining hairiness of the fabric online – during the singeing process itself. That tool allows customer to set a hairiness value according to their quality requirements and this value will be the same from the first to the last meter of the singed fabric.

In your opinion, what role has trade fair got to play today in successful promotion of machinery?

Within the last years in our view too many fairs have been coming up. The value for established companies and products is only limited. That’s why we only join the biggest fairs.

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Published on: 08/12/2008

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