Interview with Mr Sandeep Jain

Mr Sandeep Jain
Mr Sandeep Jain
Executive Director
Owm Nahar Group
Owm Nahar Group challenges, interest rates would be going up and one has to be prudent for making decisions and forecast for the expansion plan.
From 1949 when small hosiery factory was incorporated into a public limited company, to the present day, constant upward growth has symbolized the charter of a company called Oswal woollen mills limited – the Nahar Group subsidiary. Nahar Group, headquartered in India, surges ahead to establish itself as a reputed Industrial conglomerate with a wide range portfolio from Spinning, Knitting, Fabrics, Hosiery Garments and Sugar. Oswal woollen mills is industrial conglomerate with a wide ranging portfolio from wool combing, spinning, knitting, fabric, hosiery garments etc. Mr Sandeep Jain, Executive Director, Owm Nahar Group, is a passionate entrepreneur blessed with best of merchandising skills. A bachelor in Pharma and holder of several advance diploma courses in Business Management and other professional faculties, Mr Jain joined the Owm Nahar Group as Vice President in 1996. Soon accredited for his committed efforts towards success of the business, he was promoted to the post of Executive Director. Under his able administration and sharp business acumen, the company reached new horizons and was able to make a successful foray in Retail with today’s highly popular brands Monte Carlo, Cantabury, and Cotton County. In a word with Ms Madhu Soni, Sr Editor & Correspondent- Face2Face, Mr Sandeep Jain highlights major movements in textile, garment and retail sectors in India.

The year was 1949. While their beginnings were small the vision was big.’- a great inspiring tenet on your corporate website to start our colloquy with! Tell us what all it underwent to grow into such a giant (over Rs 2000 crores) - The Nahar Group.

The year was 1949. While their beginnings were small, the vision was big. The burning desire to evolve, grow & one day position itself, as a responsible & reputed corporate entity playing out its role in improving the people's quality of life through their products & service, remained a driving force. It is their relentless spirit of enterprise, boundless enthusiasm, grit & determination to live the dream that enabled them to add a new dimension to their philosophy- where commitment leads, achievement follows.

Today, as we step into the new millennium, those nascent days of 800 spindle start-up become a distant memory as the Nahar Group surges ahead to establish itself as a reputed Industrial conglomerate with a wide ranging portfolio Cotton Yarns, WoolenYarns, Knitted Fabrics, Knitwears,Sweaters, Hosiery Garments , Steel, Sugar, Infrastructure Development.

The Nahar group's turbo charged journey in to the highways of tomorrow however was severely tested during the early nineties with the advent of liberalization, opening the floodgates of globalization. Of the enduring belief that "when the going gets tough, the tough get going" the group pulled back to re-focus ,restructure & re-align its corporate blue prints to establish a new & appropriate equation with the new market forces.

In your view, what growth pattern is the knitwear industry to follow?

We believe total knitwear industry would grow by 10%.

Your comment on moves of global woolen industry- your raw material market, would be-

Raw Material price are fluctuating and we do not expect it would come down but neither it would go up sharply. It seems to be stable for next six months.

Supply chains need to get creative. What is your take on this?

There are still certain shortcomings in supply chain and we are making regular efforts on Supply Chain Management to get maximum efficiency.

Your brands have gain remarkable popularity in short span. What branding spell have you cast on consumers for this miraculous popularity?

Monte Carlo always adheres on its commitment and we are very closed to customers to meet the consumer needs. We have been delivering as per current fashion that makes customer loyal to the brand.

For year a head, according to financial experts, the world is entering a new era in which capital will cease to be cheap and risks of financial protectionism will be on the rise. What is your say on this?

It is true, in coming times, financial challenges and interest rates would be going up and one has to be prudent for making decisions and forecast for the expansion plan.

For year 2011, what shall be new challenges and new opportunities for apparel manufacturers?

Coming year would be challenging because retail prices are going up due to the hike in raw material prices, so these prices needs to be accepted at retail level but economy is growing as such we expect good year ahead.


Published on: 07/03/2011

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