Interview with Pranav Sachdev

Pranav Sachdev
Pranav Sachdev
PN Thepchareon
PN Thepchareon

Which are the Japanese affiliates you have tie-up with? Any specific reason you only use Japanese affiliated companies for both your raw material purchase and production goods?

We have had relations with the Japanese for generations. There is a strong bond and understanding. Japanese people are punctual and tend to work straight to the point. They also do not compromise with quality which helps keep customer satisfaction and confidence.

Among printed fabric, dyed fabric, denim, greige good and yarns, which are your best-selling products?

I wouldn't say we have a best-selling product as we get big orders for all our items. 

Which fabric has the most demand as per yardage across the various countries that you supply to, and of course within Thailand?

I believe we are very strong in Terylene/Cotton (TC) and Terry Rayon (TR) fabrics as we take uniform orders for big companies such as factories in the automobile industry and petrol stations etc, especially companies with a large workforce.

How are you bringing innovation to your products? What kind of research are you involved in studying market conditions?

We check on prices of fibres to forecast when and what we should invest in to remain competitive. We check on global prices of fibres along with prices integrated vertically in the production of fabric continuously.
How are you bringing innovation to your products? What kind of research are you involved in studying market conditions?

Globally, there is more focus on sustainability today. What are your commitments towards sustainability and reducing carbon footprints?

We try to work with recycled materials or goods certified by the BCI index etc. 

We also make sure to work with firms that have goods CSR. The standards of water treatment are very important to our values and to the end buyers. Therefore, we make sure to work with factories of high standard.

How have global trade events like the ongoing trade wars and Brexit impacted business?

The ongoing trade wars and Brexit have a marginal impact on our business. We capture a diverse market and therefore can maintain our revenue streams. There is always work.

What expansion plans do you have for the future? Any new products in pipeline? Will you be increasing your capacity from one million yards a month?

In the future we plan to expand our sourcing from more countries that have lower labour costs to remain competitive in the market. We also export a lot of fabric, therefore remaining price competitive and maintaining high quality is vital. 

Yes, we develop new items regularly in order to provide new offerings to our buyers to keep high interest in our goods. 

Our capacity is not stable as we have big orders that are planned periodically with some customers as well as seasonal offerings such as student uniforms etc. We are not capped at million yards as we are able to sell much more than that if our customers demand it. (PC)
Published on: 05/03/2020

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