Interview with Mr Angelo Radici

Mr Angelo Radici
Mr Angelo Radici
Radici Group
Radici Group

Radici Group had started with a gig loaded of blankets- a humble beginning. For the industry of hometextiles, which products Radici offers, today? How do you characterize this sector and what is its total market size?

RadiciGroup is represented in the furnishings sector by a number of products. We have Radifloor® PA 6, PA 66 and PP BCF (carpet filament), ideal for the residential, automotive, contract and upholstery sectors. These products offer guaranteed anti-UV, anti-static and anti-bacterial performance together with high tenacity and resistance to wear over time. During the last Domotex, we officially launched the new Radifloor® Solid collection of polyamide 6 "solution-dyed" BCF yarn for the contract sector featuring excellent colour uniformity and colourfastness.

It must be noted that, thanks to the production technology used, this yarn helps to safeguard the environment. Since the yarn is coloured during the spinning process, no additional dyeing is needed. This special production technology, which yields great savings in water usage and treatment costs, besides reduced energy consumption, is also utilized for Radilon® solution-dyed PA 6 staple fibre and the REvive polyester yarn line. The latter two brands recently launched product portfolios are eco-sustainable and made with post-consumer recycled polymer. These products guarantee respect for the environment and maximum sustainability in both the raw and solution-dyed versions. The entire REvive range features 100% eco-compatible additives and colours certified OEKOTEX Class 1.

To better meet the needs of the market, and the requirements of the furnishings sector in particular, we have concentrated on the development and production of multi-functional polyester yarns combining different properties, such as, flame retardant (a characteristic of yarns such as MICRELL® FR – raw white and solution-dyed flame-retardant polyester microfibre – and STARLIGHT® FR - raw white flame-retardant polyester yarn) with anti-UV, bacteriostatic or antifungal (STARLIGHT® FR UV Guard and NANOFEEL).

Radici lists textile machinery too into its business areas. Please share more about this business’ faring.

The extensive know-how of our Group in the synthetic fibres sector covers the production technology of woven and knit fabric, above and beyond chemicals and yarn production. Our global presence in the textile machinery business and our knowledge of and experience in looms, machinery and components enables us to give additional support to our customers.

As a chemical business owner, what stance would you offer on the regulations and compliances on environmental and eco-friendly production ethics; more specifically about REACH?

As we are a chemicals group, we more than others have to aim for the efficiency and quality of our production processes and our products and services by using new technologies and innovative systems that are compatible with safety in the workplace and the protection of the environment. Our participation in the Responsible Care programme and adherence to the REACH regulations and the development of shared ethical values are just some of the tools that RadiciGroup uses to improve its performance in the area of sustainability. We are constantly committed to meeting the needs of our customers, who are increasingly demanding eco-compatible products. Furthermore, we are working to evaluate the actual eco-sustainability of our supply chain in order to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of our products and, therefore, aid our customers in improving the sustainability of their own businesses. As far as the specifics of REACH are concerned, by the 1 December 2008 deadline required by law, we successfully completed the pre-registration of all the chemical substances produced or imported into Europe by Radici Chimica. Next, by the end of this year, we will file the final registration dossier with ECHA, the European Chemicals Agency. The chemicals industry occupies centre stage in the EU strategy for sustainable development; the industry plays an economic role of huge importance, since it supplies raw materials to the manufacturing industry, offers products needed to maintain and improve the quality of life, and is the stimulus of innovation. Ensuring competitiveness and innovation is thus a key objective.

Published on: 08/03/2010

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