Interview with Mr. Angelo Radici

Mr. Angelo Radici
Mr. Angelo Radici
Radici Group
Radici Group

Being such a well-diversified group, to what extent is Radici focused on the textile and chemical industries?

"RadiciGroup's production chain extends from chemicals to textiles, encompassing plastics and synthetic yarn. Moreover, RadiciGroup is also in the business of energy and auxiliary activities. The main of RadiciGroup are: clothing, furnishings, textile flooring, automotive, electrical/electronic, sports (synthetic grass yarn, sportswear) and state-of-the-art technical materials for manufacturing and construction. The Group's key strength is vertical integration: its chemicals division produces polymers for the weaving of synthetic fabric and the manufacture of thermoplastics. RadiciGroup is primarily focused on the polyamide 6 and 66 (nylon) production chain."

How do you justify the saying: "We are the starting-point for developments in clothing"?

"Our vertical integration in the fibres sector (from the chemicals to the textiles) allows us to develop fibres and fabrics with specific characteristics suited to the individual applications of our customers. RadiciGroup can boast that it has been in the clothing business since the 1960s, when its first company specializing in fabric manufacturing was founded. Throughout the years, we have always strived to improve our performance in this sector by launching more and more competitive products to meet the needs of our very demanding customers. As regards our most recent products, we have just developed a range of polyamide 66 fabrics using high-tenacity yarn (""Raditeck Dyna""). These products are more abrasion resistant and are thus ideal for sportswear worn by motorcyclists, skiers and alpinists."
Published on: 20/02/2006

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