Interview with Siddarth Kumar

Siddarth Kumar
Siddarth Kumar
Resil Chemicals
Resil Chemicals

We can see a stable and substantial opportunity for growth in the textile chemical sector.
Resil, a developer of unique solutions for industrial applications, turns everyday fabrics into a treat for the senses. In a conversation with Fibre2Fashion, Siddarth Kumar, director of Resil, talks about the Indian textiles chemical industry and the performance of the company.

How was the response to your symposium that was recently held in Bangladesh?

This symposium can be characterised as the coming together of a new generation of textile experts and provided the perfect platform for a networking opportunity for attendees. The event not only illuminated the changing paradigms in the textile industry but also helped us connect with the key decision makers and industry leaders in textiles in order to share ideas about trends in textile processing and foster better industry cooperation.

What is the market size for textile chemicals in India?

Owing to the highly fragmented market with a large unorganised sector, it is difficult to stipulate the market size for textile chemicals in India today, but we believe India to be one of the fastest growing textile sectors in the world.

The global textile market was $19.3 billion in 2012 and it has been estimated to grow 4-5 per cent each year, and it is safe to say that India and China are forecast to share that margin.

What percentage of your revenue is generated from the textile segment? What is the percentage share of the Indian textile industry in your total revenue?

The revenue generated by our textile segment can be estimated at 65 per cent and holds a 12 per cent share in the Indian textile finishing and auxiliary chemicals.

Which are your major international markets?

We are present in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and South East Asia.

How is the textile chemicals industry performing in India and in international markets? What are the factors that are influencing the growth of the sector?

Owing to the rapid emergence of the textile market in India, we have observed a proportionate growth towards the textile chemical market. Keeping in mind the potential growth of the textile market in the years to come, we can see a stable and substantial opportunity for growth in this sector.

Factors that influence the growth of the textiles chemical industry are stability of Indian rupee versus the US dollar, stability of input prices like cotton and electricity and strength of the export demand and global economic conditions.
Published on: 09/01/2017

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