Interview with Silvano Rufo

Silvano Rufo
Silvano Rufo
Vice President Marketing
Rieter Components
Rieter Components

Which other fairs do you plan to attend in 2017?

The next major fair would be ITMA Asia in 2018, which will be most probably in Shanghai. Next year, we will participate at the smaller fairs worldwide. Besides exhibitions, we also host our own symposiums, where we invite customers exchange information to share with us information on our new products.

What kind of impact will automation and robotics have on the textile and apparel manufacturing industries in Asia, especially countries like India, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka?

The textile industry is labour intensive, but automation will have a positive impact. Textile industries in these regions provide employment opportunities to people.  If we look for the demand from the markets, it is up to the customers if they are willing to adopt automation then we encourage  their decision and are prepared to deliver what they expect in any situation.

Do these countries have skilled manpower and technical expertise to deal with automation?

This is all about training. It is not a barrier; we can provide training to the companies who are opting for automation. If customers want to go for automation, we are able to fulfill their needs with the help of our service solutions,  products and training.

What were the top 3 innovations that you witnessed at India ITME?

In spinning, innovations are moving in the direction of energy saving. Increasing production is also a big challenge along with addition of product which requires off-the-sales training and connection of spinning mill to mobile devices. However, all these things will be required in the future. We are well-prepared to meet the demands.

What are your expectations from the next India ITME?

It is nice to be here. Every counter has its own pros. It is somehow different from the exhibitions held in other countries. A better infrastructure for the next India ITME in 2020 would be nice.
Published on: 17/01/2017

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