Interview with Mr H. Fischer

Mr H. Fischer
Mr H. Fischer
CEO & Delegated member of the board of Director

"Saurer is the world's leading manufacturer of technologically sophisticated systems for chemical and natural fiber spinning, texturizing, twisting and embroidery, and it is also present in the field of nonwovens. Saurer Textile brings together eight brand names: Allma, Barmag, Melco, Neumag, Saurer Embroidery, Schlafhorst, Volkmann and Zinser."

What is your perception about the global textile machinery industry?

"The worldwide textile industry is in a significant change. The concentration of textile industry in Asia will go in its last phase, being launched by the termination of the fiber agreement end of last year. This concentration of customers in Asia has also changed the competitive field of the equipment suppliers and the segmentation of the equipment market."

What are the current trends in the development of SAURER?

First of all, Saurer is developing from a machinery supplier towards a provider of total solutions for our customers, including the supply of complete turn key factories. Secondly, we are moving step by step more of our capacities to Asia, close to our customers. And thirdly our product offer is being adapted to the specific needs of our Asian customers.

What added value does SAURER offer its customers?

Saurer's portfolio includes all kind of yarn making solutions; staple fiber as well as filament yarns, natural fibers as well as manmade fibers. We are also strongly present in the segment of nonwovens and embroidery, with advanced technology solutions. All of this is supported by a around the world around the clock service support.

Will removal of quotas have a positive impact on machinery demand in the market?

The removal of the quotas will accelerate the shift in textile industry to Asian production. In Asia, the large, vertically integrated countries such as China, India and Pakistan will probably benefit most. This shift involves opportunities for the machinery suppliers. Although short term it may provoke a "wait and see" behavior of many of our customers.

Can the Chinese machinery manufacturers make inroads into the global market?

As China is a significant part of the world's textile market, this has already happened. A lot was achieved in the very low cost end of the Chinese market. How quickly the Chinese manufacturers can upgrade their products to world standards also depends on the protection of intellectual property rights in China as requested in the WTO agreements. Today a lot of technology is just copied, neglecting internationally accepted principals of patent law.

What do you think are the key factors for long-term survival of textile machinery manufacturers?

Technology, cost and closeness to the customers.

What are the prospects, including export prospects, for SAURER in 2005 and beyond?

Saurer will consequently follow its strategy to expand the market leadership position. We want to further improve our responsiveness to our customers needs and meet them with appropriate products and services. We belief that state of the art technology combined with reasonable prices will be a winning proposition. Our customers need equipment that allows them to react flexibly on changing market demand and helps them to generate differentiation from their specific competitor. That's were we see our role.

Which markets and which clientele are you aiming for in the future?

Our market today and in the future is the world market. Saurer must and will be present in the markets where our customers are, and for the foreseeable future this seems to be Asia. Already in 2004 Saurer realized 72% of its sales in Asia - this might become even more in the future.
Published on: 26/07/2005

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