Interview with Mr Rod Tanks

Mr Rod Tanks
Mr Rod Tanks
Smart Fabrics Asia Pacific
Smart Fabrics Asia Pacific

Smart Fabrics Wearable Technology is the team of experts in nascent sector of Wearable Electronics. Headquartered in Australia, the Company is a pioneer in the sector and is solely focused on the development and direction of the industry since 2006. Because of its broad industry knowledge Smart Fabrics is ideally placed to assist premium brand manufacturers introducing Wearable Technology into their products. It also designs and develops a number of its own consumer products which are promoted under the G-Tech brand. Mr Rod Tanks, Founder - CEO, Smart Fabrics Asia Pacific, has a great deal of knowledge in the IT sector. He started his career in 1992. Since then he is involved in a variety of hardware and software ventures. He has a dab hand in quickly identifying new markets and developing strategies to introduce new products. Apart from this, Mr Tanks also has the proficiency on channel development, not only in sales, but also in distribution and after sales support. He has an excellent knowledge of the Asia Pacific region and is familiar with many of the cultures and customs that allow the smooth flow of business across borders. Within a small span the company has quickly grown across the region under his able leadership. In an interview with Face2Face team, Mr Rod Tanks shares about present market of this lucrative sector of Smart Textiles and the future of Wearable Electronics.

In clothing world with technology, what hand of expertise does Smart Fabrics retain? How has company established itself so far in this arena?

I started Smart Fabrics after becoming aware of the Wearable Electronics industry. I see it as a real growth area and believe the technology will become as common-place as pens and paper in our every day lives.

We have become the leading company in the Asia Pacific region by continually being involved in the latest technology – we work with cutting edge companies to bring new products to market.

What are the salient features of the products you offer? What are the end uses?

I believe the most salient features of Wearable Electronics to be : light-weight, easy integration and simple functionality.

The uses of Wearable Electronics are almost endless, imagine being able to replace hard plastic switches with a printed icon on a piece of cloth.

Having the basic controls of your phone built into every shirt that you own; many of the functions on your car dashboard will be a printed symbol on the interior upholstery and you will no longer need a bag to carry your laptop because the laptop could be part of the bag itself.

END USERS - • Tech savvy teenagers with iPod Control Backpacks • Soldiers under extreme conditions in the field • Athletes obtaining peak physical performance • Personnel in high-risk jobs like firefighting • Sick, elderly & less mobile patients • Doctors monitor a patient's health statistics & condition • Monitoring the health of newborn babies • Gaming consoles & portable units with touch & gesture sensors • Educational toys for young toddlers or those with learning disabilities • The digital home; remote controls to be built into the arms of sofas

In present times, how do you see Smart Textiles industry performing globally? Can you figure out the market share for smart textiles worldwide?

The Interactive Textile industry is beginning to really accelerate with some real power-house brands taking up positions in the market.

Also, VDC (Venture Development Corporation) report estimates the global demand for Smart Fabrics & Interactive Textiles (SFIT) products will reach $1,129m by 2010.

Published on: 07/04/2008

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions expressed in this column are solely of the interviewee, and they do not reflect in any way the opinion of Fibre2Fashion.com.

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