Interview with Zhou Shihao

Zhou Shihao
Zhou Shihao
Founder & CEO

Our advantage is that we are reliable and real
International logistics e-commerce platform ShippingRen has been launched to make freight delivery and collection more secure and carefree. It creates a more convenient environment for negotiation and transaction between freight forwarding companies and freight owners. It provides a series of online services, such as freight rate query, quotation, booking, cargo tracking, and payment. Now, freight owners can easily learn credit ratings and route information of every forwarding company, so that they can choose the most reliable partners. Shanghai-headquartered ShippingRen is led by its founder and CEO Zhou Shihao. He has been in international trading and logistics for more than 15 years. Prior to this, he was a founder of an international logistics company whose annual turnover was more than $60,000,000. Here he speaks to Subir Ghosh about the company's plans and prospects.

As an international logistics e-commerce online-trading platform, what all areas does ShippingRen cover?

ShippingRen, at present, mainly covers the China market. We cover a large number of cargo owners who come from different industries such as fashion, machineries, chemicals. However, as we know, cargo recipients are usually from another country, as are cargo owners. It is often difficult for both sides to communicate with each other. ShippingRen has built an overall cargo tracking system to help cargo recipients from abroad to check the logistics progress. We will set up an English website soon so as to provide international service.

What kind of service does ShippingRen provide to cargo owners and freight forwarding companies?

Earlier, trading and payments between cargo owners and forwarders were usually completed offline. But this model had a lot of defects, such as information asymmetry, credit risk, etc. All these defects would lead to passing of the buck over prices and services. These problems are effectively solved with the help of the ShippingRen online trading platform. Freight owners do not have to waste time in negotiating with forwarding companies any more. For each batch of goods, ShippingRen accords a standard service process to conduct tracking and show logistics progress, which eventually makes global logistics transportation easier and safer. As for freight forwarding companies, they could find more true owners and pallet information, so as to enhance sales income and get rid of traditional models such as paper, telephone and fax. Therefore, freight forwarding companies can have better interaction and collaboration with freight owners, which results in order processing being clearer and more concise.

Where does ShippingRen stand in comparison with other international logistics e-commerce platforms? What is your USP?

Other international logistics e-commerce platforms only focus on information-releasing. But ShippingRen creatively provides online trading and payment services. We value order tracking and service much more than other platforms do, so as to ensure safety for each order. Otherwise, we can set up systems and mechanisms to guarantee credit of forwarder companies. Our advantage is that we are reliable and real.

Where does the logistics industry in China stand w.r.t the international logistics industry?

At present, the import and export trade volume of China ranks second in the world. China has seven busy container ports. China's international logistics industry plays a prominent role, and market volume is large. This is why ShippingRen chose to enter this industry.

Almost in the same vein, where does the logistics industry in India stand w.r.t the international logistics industry?

India has been developing fast in recent years. The import and export trade volume of India is among that of the top 15 in the world now. India has a bright future, and it will definitely grow much faster in the next decade. Earlier, there used to be very few shipping orders between China and India, but now we are seeing a big increase. According to ShippingRen, the international logistics industry in India has huge market potential and bright prospects. We do hope in the future we can enter the Indian market to provide more efficient and safer logistics services to local import and export enterprises.
Published on: 30/05/2015

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