Interview with Mr Francisco Lorenzo

Mr Francisco Lorenzo
Mr Francisco Lorenzo
Director (marketing & sales), Paper & Forest Products
Sniace SA
Sniace SA

Sniace Group caters to technical textiles market. Where do you see this industry making headway to? What share of your products is marketed to this segment?

We have been in that market for years as we understood long time ago that it was one of the fields we needed to supply in order to survive in such a competitive global market. We have quite a big share in these products, but also it is important to understand that this is only one more application. In fact nowadays this field is suffering a lot as a result of the precarious situation of some industries like the automotive or housing.

What is your stance on world market of synthetic fibres in current times? What is its total size and what share does Sniace embark?

We produce artificial fibers. Our share in our field with today’s production due to the economical crisis is near the 1.5%.

How do you feel the heat of competition in your business segment? To enumerate the countries that you envisage as burgeoning markets in your sphere, which all names would you tick? What strategy can help players of your capacity to fight out the competition?

Nowadays, after the decrease in the consumption caused by the economical situation as well as by lack of the confidence of the consumers in the economy, there is an overcapacity in almost every kind of fiber all over the world. Some companies are getting nervous and selling under costs, thinking exclusively in their short term cash position. That is an emotive reaction but not a successful strategy. Normally companies that do that will lose, not only in the short term but also in the long term. If fact, in the sectors where there is a leader that keeps his position, every player, including the leader, tends to get a long term success.

Regarding my company, I prefer not to identify any special country in order not to give a single clue to my competitors. I am sure they will find out by their selves.

Considering the present movements in cotton market, what repercussions on your business can you predict?

In long term, production of cotton is growing slower than cotton demand, due to the competition for land for other harvest mainly related with energy markets. The good news for us is that viscose fiber is one of the easiest choices for many of the applications that normally use cotton, so we will make the best of this situation.

In short term, there are so many factors involved, that I am not ready to make a forecast. Make no mistake, one third of the fiber produced in the world is cotton, which is very far away from the quota of viscose fiber.

How much does Sniace accentuate on EHS (environment and human safety) policies?

This is one of the more important thoughts in our business culture. People are the most important asset of any company as they decide its future with their daily work. We know it very well at Sniace as our workers have proved it several times before when difficulties appeared.


Published on: 23/03/2009

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