Interview with Sanjay Vakharia

Sanjay Vakharia
Sanjay Vakharia
Director - Marketing

India, by my estimates, is a much bigger market.
Sanjay Vakharia talks about the Indian denim industry, brands, and retail industry with Mary Christine Joy. Synopsis: Mr. Prasad Pabrekar's ambition and vision coupled with Mr. Sanjay Vakharia's unwavering passion and strategic intent led to the creation of Spykar, a brand which truly personifies excellence, aspiration and sustainability. Spykar is a brand synonymous with the youth and aspiration. Breaking the confines and expanding the horizon, the brand believes in evolving each day with the ever evolving fashion world. Keeping pace with the fashion dynamism, the brand at every point epitomizes global fashion and is a beacon of effortless style. Mr. Sanjay Vakharia, has been a pillar of strength for Spykar Jeans since its inception in 1992. With a strategic bent and an opportunist, Mr. Vakharia has been instrumental in creating the brand image for Spykar. With an elaborate experience over two decades and an extensive insight into global trends across markets like USA & UK, coupled with sharp business acumen, Mr. Vakharia gave Spykar the required impetus to transform from a laundry grown to a brand that defines- excellence, aspiration and sustainability. Also his impeccable understanding of the dynamic & ever-changing youth market of the country has always given the brand the edge over his competitors. Excerpts:

Our researches indicate that Spykar Jeans is expanding its reach beyond denim and casuals. Can you state something about your expansion plans?

It's been a while that Spykar has moved beyond jeans to jeans wear encompassing the entire gamut of clothing and accessories for the youth. And now we are in the process of consolidating our expertise in jeans and other clothing categories besides lifestyle accessories.

How big is the jeans wear market in India? Can you give us some insights on the market for jeans wear in India?

It is big enough for as many more brands to cater to the growing market. We as an industry have yet just started to address to a small section of the population.

Indian consumers do not exhibit brand loyalty, and this concept is a bit hard to be practiced in India as compared to the other developed countries of the world. Do you agree? Please elaborate your answer.

People are still trying different products and brands. It is still infancy for the category and hence too premature to have loyalists. Having said that all brands still have their loyal followers and patrons, and they will keep growing as the market and its maturity ripens.

In terms of retailing, what would you prefer - Multi Brand Outlets or exclusive stores? Why is it so?

Both have their pros and cons, but both are critical to the business.

How do you see the market for denim jeans in the Middle-east as compared to India? What are the major differences?

India is by my estimates a much bigger market. We do not cater to that market exhaustively to opine on the differences.
Published on: 22/09/2014

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