Interview with Mr. Rolf Strebel

Mr. Rolf Strebel
Mr. Rolf Strebel
Stäubli Group
Stäubli Group

That’s remarkable! Stäubli has presence in 25 countries. How do you see the global market for textile machinery going forward? Which countries hold market potential?

Stäubli is globally present through our own network or agencies as pointed out above. Our presence is by far not limited to 25 countries. Wherever there is an active textile industry, Stäubli is locally represented and our customers will be actively supported. Proximity is not a slogan but part of our global strategy. As to the machinery market, there will almost certainly be further consolidation taking place as we go along. In fabric manufacturing, countries like, for instance, India or others within the region are well poised to profit from global demands and requirements. India has the potential to further grow its textile industry, particularly if investment activities in latest textile machinery or automation processes will be sustained on a high level.

Being in the industry for more than three decades, what development prospects do you see for textile producers over the next few years?

In general, I would point out that global consumers of textiles are very cost-conscious. They take quality for granted and expect rapid adoptions to their fashion and altering clothing requirements. Markets become more global which means that production units have to streamline their operations, more and more using automated machinery to maintain repeatability and reproducibility at highest quality and lowest cost. Quick response to changing requirements has to be at the forefront of leaders in the textile industry.

As a Swiss company, how does Stäubli view its competition, at the domestic and overseas markets?

It is our clear goal to retain a very high level of market- and technology leadership, be an innovative solution provider on a high level of quality thus investing a major percentage of our revenues in our R&D capabilities around the globe. We fully respect our global competition. They keep us on our toes.

Cost effectiveness, and user friendliness are the key elements of winning customers for textile machinery. What is your view on it?

I certainly agree with this statement. What I would like to add though is the fact that besides the points mentioned by you, longevity of products and services is also important. This is why Stäubli pays much attention to include these parameters when conceiving new product ideas.

Business with a social mission is a growing idea these days. How far is it been conceived, and worked upon by machinery makers? Is Stäubli promoting such ideas?

Stäubli takes an active role in social responsibility with its workforce. An example for our care is that we strive to re-integrate handicapped co-workers who have suffered from e.g. an accident or severe illness. It is also my view that as a company with a long history, Stäubli has a responsibility to care for the environment through reduction of any kind of emissions and to save energy wherever possible. You may be aware that Stäubli is also active in areas outside the textile machinery business. One of our major activity supporting ecological developments is in the area of energy conservation being a key supplier of connectors to the photo voltaic industry.

We thank you for sharing your expertise with our readers Mr Strebel. It was a pleasure talking to you.

You are welcome.


Published on: 26/03/2012

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions expressed in this column are solely of the interviewee, and they do not reflect in any way the opinion of Fibre2Fashion.com.

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