Interview with Mr Frank Bober

Mr Frank Bober
Mr Frank Bober

How can entry of Trend consultants, like your Group, makes things better or different?

I can’t speak for others, but for Stylesight, we’re changing the way creative people work. We have over 2000 companies subscribing to our service and trend is part of the site but certainly not the entire site. So to characterize us as trend consultants only tells a part of our rich offering.

The way we are making things both better and different is by utilizing the power of technology and content and delivering an incredible amount of information solely on the net. We have forecasting, analysis, and technical tools (software) that make the journey of product creation and development much more accurate and faster than anything that has happened before Stylesight arrived. We also make it fun and interesting for the creative community. Designers can finally enjoy using a web application while getting their jobs done.

We have just begun really to penetrate the world even with 2000 companies and we’re now in 5 languages so our clients can utilize their creativity in their native languages. We have found the way by leading the way. There is no other medium other than the net that can deliver the world of fashion cities and influences simultaneously and provide the software tools such as making your own color palettes or storyboards on the same site other than Stylesight.

FAST FASHION – what is your take on this concept? Are there any issues of violations of Intellectual Property Rights in FAST FASHION?

I answered part of the subject of fast fashion in my response to the first question but let me expand on that. Fast Fashion is just a symptom of greater and quicker communication particularly enabled by the web. It makes sense that fashion would have become faster just because it could. There are many more ideas than realization so the pent up creativity and manufacturing capability is satisfied through fast fashion. I love the concept because it enhances the amount of offerings a consumer can see and empowers the designers to be more creative. The industry itself has grown dynamically throughout the world because of the concept of fast fashion. Part of Stylesight’s content and technology is devoted to the “speed to market” approach and we are enablers of the concept through the use of the web and the applications we provide.

In terms of intellectual property, this is a major moving target. One really cannot copyright a lapel or a sleeve. The one aspect that can be copyrighted is print design and this has continued for many years and is effective. True creative designers that build a brand and a place for themselves in the market place are not worried about copying. In the age of fast fashion it is very difficult to legislate copyrighting other than prints and graphics. The overall silhouette cannot and should not be legislated. As I said, truly creative people don’t worry about such things because they are building their own following and design personality. Obviously, this statement does not apply to counterfeiting as that is out and out stealing and needs to be addressed and prosecuted.

Is there any conceptual difference between fashion-shows organized in the East with the West?

I would say that on the face of it no. However, we will see a change in the way fashion is presented because of simulcasting, companies sometimes using the web only for their shows, twittering and blogging during the shows, instant information of the shows and surely ordering from the designers immediately is also expected. Once again, the web is the great leveler of the playing field and will be employed more and more whether it’s East or West.

And, how industry would be characterized in next years to come? To stay fashionable in an economical way would be the main 'mantra' after the hard times. What say?

Finally the web is being employed for the creative process and Stylesight is leading that charge. So the economics of product inspiration and development will become more attractive. One does not have to travel all over the world to get information as they once did because we are there for them. Furthermore, the in depth forecasting and analysis and the instant ability to change and adjust the information at a moment’s notice is helping our subscribers be more up to the minute and trend correct with a very economical value proposition compared to only a few years ago. This trend will encourage more people to get in the business and be able to do it more economically.

As an example, countries such as China and India are no longer just producing countries but are developing their own strong domestic markets supported by a vast web acceptance. Stylesight leads this revolution and because all our content and functionality is translated into Chinese, we see broad acceptance of our site and the help it gives creative people throughout China. The industry can only grow worldwide as the adoption of the web becomes more widespread for creativity.

Our growth validates this argument as we have grown more than 60% year over year for the past two years and that trend is continuing in 2010. We would not be enjoying this growth if the worldwide fashion industry was not adopting the concept of creativity on the web.

Published on: 16/08/2010

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