Interview with Naval Saraf

Naval Saraf
Naval Saraf
Super Knit Industries
Super Knit Industries

We are the only manufacturers of seamless invisible socks in the world outside Italy
Super Knit Industries, established in 1999, is one of India's largest manufacturers of socks with an average annual production capacity of 11 million pairs. Naval Saraf, CEO, Super Knit Industries, talks about new trends and technologies in the socks manufacturing industry.

Which product category is faring well - men's, women's, kids' or toddlers'?

Our most successful products lines include men's workwear and women's ankle length socks.

Do you plan to introduce any product categories?

We are gradually introducing small accessories and products that have some similarities to socks, such as bottle sleeves, tights, arm warmers, leg warmers and bike socks. We do not intend to add any full-fledged product categories for now.

The use of silver nano particles in socks and anti-microbial finished is really picking up. Do you plan to explore any such technologies?

We are already providing our export buyers with socks that are finished with these technologies.

Which are your major domestic and international markets?

In India, we have a strong network of over 300 distributors on board and our products are available in more than 10,000 stores across India. Our international markets include the Middle East and several countries in Europe.

Which leading international brands do you manufacture for?

We take up contract manufacturing and are socks suppliers for several domestic and overseas clients such as Scopri, Fila, Blazek, Liabel, Coop and New Balance, to name a few.

What are the latest trends and innovations dominating your industry?

Our 100 per cent seamless invisible socks have become quite a hit in the market. Since the launch of this product about one and half years back, we have seen a constant multiplying growth for this product. Since we are the only manufacturers in the world outside Italy who can make these socks, the market has appreciated this product very much.

How different is the domestic market from the export markets in terms of fabric, finishes, design, colours, and quality requirements?

The socks market in India does not have the range of products that other countries do, but that is not because we do not have manufacturers who are not capable. Our company is exporting socks all over the world and is making some of the best and most expensive socks sold globally. So, we as manufacturers are equipped. We hope Indian consumers adapt to the new trend and will be particular about quality and fashion over just the price. As we see a growing demand for these products, we will offer more designs and better quality options to customers.

Please share the details of the last two years and your expectations from the next two.

We are growing at a good rate since the last few years and we hope to continue this momentum for the next few years as well.

How has the response been to Supersox, since its launch in 2012?

Our brand is growing at almost 100 per cent YOY. We have created quite a good infrastructure and team to support this brand, and we are getting stronger with every passing year. We have a lot of things in the pipeline. Our customers will see these developments from time to time.

How do you ensure customer satisfaction?

Our key objective is to ensure complete consumer satisfaction, impeccable product quality and unmatched services. We achieve our objectives by following a five-point programme at all levels of the organisation:
  • Maximising efficiency and utilising resources
  • Manufacturing quality products
  • Delivering goods on time
  • Communicating with clients frequently
  • Building a long-term relationship with clients
Published on: 28/09/2016

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