Interview with Mr Toshihide Fukushima

Mr Toshihide Fukushima
Mr Toshihide Fukushima
Polyester Fibers Business Group, TEIJIN
Polyester Fibers Business Group, TEIJIN

True. We appreciate the efforts. <br></br>Post Lehman Brothers shock, Teijin was marked with a change in its global production (polyester) system. How was that a stitch in time move for your polyester business?

With the aim of optimizing our global production system, we have relocated the core production site of polyester filament yarn from Japan to group companies in Thailand. These measures have enabled us to establish an optimal global production configuration encompassing from raw materials to fibers and textiles, which is now our significant competitive advantage in terms of both, costs and product quality.

Now, talking margins; there has been volatility in the feedstock prices that erodes the profitability for companies. How has been the performance of Teijin in the recent months in context to this point particularly?

In line with our basic policy, we generally shift polyester raw material cost increases to customers; however, the recent volatility in the feedstock prices has been making it difficult for us to do so.

In recent past, Japan has been through catastrophe of earthquake and nuclear crisis. Fibre2fashion Team expresses its deep rue over loss thereby to humanity, and would like to know if there remain any more impacts, post this disaster, still to follow on trade and commerce in the sector?

Teijin’s polyester fibers business was not directly affected by the disaster, as our major production sites are located outside the country. We expect a slight decline in automotive related businesses such as car seats, but in other areas such as apparel, the drop in demand has been limited.

How would you best describe your company’s R&D strategies for setting up new businesses?

We closely collaborate with key customers in each market in order to develop promptly the new products and applications.

In agreement to your previous note on Sustainable-Environment Friendly products driving businesses these days, Fibre2fashion is also, shouldering the noble cause, shortly to launch a special Online & Print Campaign on Sustainability, and having said that, ending the talk here, we would like to know your business group's measures on this front?

In the polyester fibers business, we aim to expand our eco business while reducing environmental loads by pursuing “hybrid strategies” that leverage special expertise in plant-derived materials, recycling, functional materials and manufacturing processes.


Published on: 01/08/2011

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