Interview with Enrico Buriani

Enrico Buriani
Enrico Buriani
Tessiture Pietro Radici
Tessiture Pietro Radici

How prevalent is the concept of sustainability and compliance in the industry? Is it considerable enough?

The concept of sustainability is not so developed at the industry level, even if the need for old pitches and replacements lead straight to the subject of declamation. Anyway, in the last five years, we can say that many companies have proposed interesting solutions, from many stand points, to reduce the impact of synthetic turf systems on the environment.

Can you give us some applications of synthetic turf yarn (also known as the artificial grass yarn)?

There are two major applications for synthetic turf yarn: 1. Sports 2. Decoration/Recreation Sports again has two applications: 1. Contact (Football, Rugby, American football) 2. No contact (Hockey, Tennis, Golf, Paddle, Cricket, Baseball, Lacrosse, and so on) Decoration or recreation has the no contact application only. The no contact application can again be divided into two parts: 1. Leisure (Residential application through DIY channel) 2. Landscaping (Commercial and municipal applications)

Artificial grass yarn is a product commonly found in Europe and North America today. What are the strengths of these regions that make these regions competent enough for its production?

Production of yarn is a critical step. Technical know-how is necessary to do a proper job without assuming big risks of yarn failure. This is the reason why the number of yarn manufacturers is very limited on a WW basis, apart from China where majority of the big tufting companies have their in-house yarn production. As far as tufting companies are concerned, the key factor is the knowledge of different markets and the capability of establishing (or having established) commercial relationships with dealers and final users at local level. These are the two main strengths of the European and North American companies.

Which are the regions that have a developing artificial grass yarn industry?

China is the most growing area for new, local companies in terms of volume development. In terms of technical development, Italy and Belgium are the leading countries.

Italian market seems to be your biggest strength. Is it so? Can you explain in a bit of detail?

In Europe, there are two main districts for artificial turf production. 1. Italy (in particular, the province of Bergamo where Tessiture Pietro Radici is based) 2. Belgium, where the historical carpet companies have developed the artificial turf
Published on: 17/10/2014

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