Interview with Mr Hans Zöbisch

Mr Hans Zöbisch
Mr Hans Zöbisch

With presence in 42 countries, your Group has witnessed a large customer base. Please apprise us with key markets therein, as well as customers’ behavior.

Still our main market is in Europe, but in recent years, a shift to the east is clearly visible. The textile processing industry has changed over the last decade dramatically triggered by the general transformation of consumer awareness. The textile industry is going green and nowadays environmental topics like Green chemistry, sustainability, saving of resources (time, water, energy) and cradle-to-cradle are hot topics. Besides following this ecological trend our customers demand top quality and productivity.

So how is the Quality in line with the environment being epitomized in business walk of Textilcolor?

In order to produce high quality products, it does require a well-functioning quality control besides first and foremost a development which is developing a high quality product. Such an imaginative team already includes in the various stages of development the use of environmentally compatible raw materials and a solid assessment of the environmental impact of emerging compounds. Absolute priority is always the quality of the resulting product for the benefit for our customers. For the development of processes, both for our own production or for the use of our products, exactly the same is valid, so our customers will also benefit by saving energy and water where possible.

Do you foresee any new technologies other than Nanotechnology, making in roads in your sector?

We work closely together with research institutions and textile institutes in different countries and we support new projects there, so that we have our ears always at the pulse of the times. Also seemingly attractive ideas of our development team in-house itself or in cooperation with external institutions will be pursued. Of course, it is essential to observe trends in this case also and to find best possible timing for new features. Furthermore, not each innovation is solely positive, especially if the consequences are not sufficiently explored, as the nanotechnology exemplifies. The applications must be selected well in order to utilize the benefits and avoid disadvantages.

It seems Textilcolor gives a lot of significance to R&D. Am I right? Is there launch of any new products in pipeline?

The demands of the consumers of textiles for each application range are constantly changing. That means for our customers, that they are involved in a constant change and they must adapt to market needs. It does not matter whether our customer is a supplier of houses of fashionable clothing, convertor of technical textiles or provider of decoration material, the demand for high quality textile with pleasant comfort, special robustness, fire protection up to self-extinguishing, special appearence or fully degradability – which demands ever the material has to satisfy – these claims are rising. To meet the needs of tomorrow, we need a good development and an access to sound research results. The one who does not always keep an eye on the future will fall behind in today's competition and will be among the losers very quickly. Therefore, it is obviously important to develop new products and to ensure that the “pipeline never blocks”.


Published on: 31/01/2011

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