Interview with Mr Hans Jürgen Hübner

Mr Hans Jürgen Hübner
Mr Hans Jürgen Hübner
Schoeller Textil AG (Albers Group)
Schoeller Textil AG (Albers Group)

The Albers Group has been a family-owned business for 150 years, growing from a single worsted spinning mill into an international group of companies specializing in textiles and real estate. Schoeller textiles and the Schoeller Spinning Group belong to this Zurich based Albers Group. With 835 employees the group has realised a turnover of CHF 198 Mio. in the last business year. Mr Hans Jürgen Hübner is CEO of Schoeller Textil AG and Schoeller Technologies AG. In addition, Mr Hübner is also member on the Board of Schoeller FTC (HK) Ltd, Schoeller Technologies India PVT Ltd, Schoeller USA Inc, Schoeller Far East Ltd, Schoeller Korea Inc, Schoeller Turkey Ltd. and Schoeller Japan Inc. Mr Hübner is a qualified textile engineer and has been with this Swiss company since 1964. Speaking with Face2Face team, Mr Hans Jurgen Hubner discusses latest happening in global textile and nonwovens market as well as future potential of textile specialty chemicals industry.

Shall we begin the talk with a few words from you on Schoeller Group’s niche in the market? What is range of its business and its global and regional market share consolidating all businesses allied to textiles or garment industry?

Schoeller is an internationally-anchored high-tech company based in Switzerland. It is specialized in the development and manufacturing of innovative fabrics and smart textile technologies. We are a worldwide leader in specific market niches. The roots of the Schoeller holding company – Schoeller Textil AG - date back to 1868.

The division “fabrics” includes the premium range "Innovative Fabrics by Schoeller Switzerland”. This is a highly functional and ecologically safe fabric range for sport, work, lifestyle, fashion and interior design, which is developed and produced in Switzerland. In addition, beginning in 2001, the fabric portfolio contains textiles produced in the joint-venture of Schoeller and Formosa Taffeta, branded as “SFTC”-fabrics and produced in Taiwan. The newest member of the Schoeller is a line “Schoeller Turkey” which mainly manufactures lifestyle fabrics, in Turkey.

The “technologies” division is handled by Schoeller Technologies AG, a subsidiary of Schoeller Textil AG, founded in 2004. It holds the intellectual property rights (patents and trademarks) of textile technologies developed by the Swiss company. Schoeller Technologies organises their worldwide availability mainly together with selected distribution partners and supports the licensees in marketing and branding.

In addition, Schoeller holds shares in Rotecno AG of Switzerland, specializing in medical textiles. Schoeller is represented in the major sales markets with its own subsidiaries and agencies, and has joint-venture partners in Hong Kong, Taiwan, India and Turkey.

What all are the application areas of your products?

The main markets for the premium fabric range “innovative fabrics by Schoeller Switzerland” are the sports markets such as mountaineering, hiking, ski and snowboard, motorcycling, horse riding and golf. We also provide textiles for sportswear, leisurewear and workwear applications as well as office furniture shoes and luggage. The sftc-range is mainly used in sports and leisurewear, for some active sports sectors and for luggage.

With our intelligent c_change™-membrane we are oriented towards the highly functional water and wind proof garments in all sectors (mainly sports, fashion, and workwear). What makes c_changeTM so unique and distinguishes it from conventional membranes is the dynamic function of the system. Familiar systems react statically to climate change, while c_changeTM adapts to altering temperatures and activities. As soon as a higher ambient temperature or body heat results in greater moisture, the flexible polymer structures of the hydrophilic c_change™ membrane opens up, allowing moisture vapour to escape quickly to the outside air. Conversely, when the body produces less heat, the polymer structure contracts, retaining body warmth and providing protection from the cold.

The new coldblack® textile technology offers heat reflection and UV protectionand is appropriate for all outdoor areas. coldblack is suitable for garment and non-garment applications like marquees, awnings or tents.

Due to the virtually self-cleaning properties of the NanoSphere® textile finish, this schoeller® technology is ideal for the clothing market, commercial textiles, home textiles, upholstery and the automotive industry.

3XDRY® finish keeps the body dry from the inside and dry from the outside while allowing clothing to dry 6-8 times faster than garments without 3XDRY®. Suitable product areas of this Schoeller® technology are active sportswear, lifestyle, denim, men’s and women’s shirting, golf apparel, career wear, uniforms, fitness and training gear, military wear, workwear, lingerie and sleepwear, equestrian wear, fishing and hunting gear.

By the way, our textile technologies are applied in India through our Joint-Venture Company Schoeller Technologies India Ltd. in Mumbai.

Published on: 29/12/2008

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions expressed in this column are solely of the interviewee, and they do not reflect in any way the opinion of Fibre2Fashion.com.

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