Interview with Linda Laderman

Linda Laderman
Linda Laderman
Co-founder and organiser
Textile Forum
Textile Forum

Exhibitors from India, Spain and Italy have increased
Cementing itself as London's premiere sourcing event for luxury fashion fabrics, Textile Forum attracts fabric buyers from major fashion retailers and brands, established independent design businesses and start-ups, tailors, craft shops, seamstresses and costumiers. Co-founder and organiser, Linda Laderman talks about expanding the selection of fabrics at the next edition of Textile Forum beginning October 10.

How has Textile Forum evolved since its inception in 2002?

The show has extended its offering on the variety of fabrics. Initially, it was predominantly special occasion wear and bridal wear made of silk. The offering with wool, cotton, leather and trimmings, however, have been more comprehensive. The usage has expanded to a broader segment, including womenswear, menswear, kidswear and lingerie.

What were the highlights of the Textile Forum that concluded recently? What were the footfall and the number of participating brands?

This was our largest show with more than 100 different ranges and visitors included independent designers, buyers from major brands and high street retailers.

From which countries has participation of vendors and buyers increased and decreased at the forum?

The success of Textile Forum over the years has led to an increase in exhibitors from Italy, Spain and India.

Tell us about the standout brands?

All our brands stand out. We only invite the best luxury brands to participate in Textile Forum. However, from the United Kingdom, we were delighted to welcome Linton Tweeds and Dormeuil, each with their own distinctive and internationally-recognised brands.

How easy or difficult is it to select the right garment manufacturer at sourcing events?

Textile Forum is a one-stop shop for designers looking to source fabrics and British garment producers. We offer not just fabrics, trimmings, linings, buttons and labels, but for the past two seasons, we have also had a group of garment manufacturers exhibiting alongside us.

Which three major international factors currently have a major impact on textile sourcing?

The impact of Brexit, alongside the change in consumer demand for clothing and the slowdown in high street sales in the United Kingdom are among the factors that are affecting sourcing of both textiles and garments.

How has e-commerce affected your business? What steps have you taken to counter or be a part of this boom?

More and more of our exhibitors are launching transactional websites so that they can meet the demands of their domestic customers and make their collections available worldwide. However, buyers like to feel fabrics, so more UK-based textile companies are exhibiting at a larger range of overseas exhibitions.

What new can be expected at Textile Forum in October 2018? What will be its focus?

We will continue to expand the selection of fabrics and look forward to identifying those fabrics that are said to be environment-friendly. (RR)
Published on: 17/08/2018

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