Interview with Mr Thomas Schweizer

Mr Thomas Schweizer
Mr Thomas Schweizer
Director General
The Swiss Textile Federation (TVS)
The Swiss Textile Federation (TVS)

The Swiss Textile Federation (TVS) represents and speaks for the Swiss textile and clothing industry. The TVS safeguards the interests of its members by acting as a qualified contact partner for authorities and associations. It ensures that political decision-makers and the general public are aware of and can assess concerns affecting the industry. By employing focused campaigns, it promotes the image of the textile and clothing industry. It is an amalgamation of several associations and employer organisations from the textile and clothing industry. Mr Thomas Schweizer is the Director General of The Swiss Textile Federation (TVS). Born on January 18, 1956, in Spain, Mr Schweizer is a Doctor of Laws from the University of Zurich. He set out for his professional carrier by working with Department of Educational Affairs, Canton Section, Zurich University (1982 to 1983). He also worked with Winterthur Life, Section Group Insurances for the duration 1984 to 1991. In the year 1992, Mr Schweizer joined Swiss Textile Federation, and is Director General as of 1999. In an exclusive interview with Face2Face team, Mr Thomas Schweizer speaks on various sectors of Swiss textile industry, and the role of Swiss Textile Federation in its sake.

What makes Swiss Textile Federation (TVS) the voice of Swiss textile and clothing industry?

As a federative organization, we represent the Swiss textile and garments industry in all its diversity and unite the innovative businesses in the branch in a strong network.

Which all are the benefits that your members enjoy?

We provide a comprehensive range of services and advice for our members. Benefits enjoyed by the member companies include a commitment to favourable business conditions assured by the State, information on legal matters, support with import and export issues, an innovation pool in cooperation with research institutes and universities and targeted media activities.

Swiss textile and clothing industry has witnessed a steep growth in the year 2006. How had 2007 been and where do you see the industry making headway to in coming future?

Following a successful 2006, our industry once again increased its sales (+5.1%) and exports (+5.1%) last year. The situation is likely to become more difficult with the stronger Swiss franc against the US dollar and the euro and the weakening world economy.

In regards to global cotton market, what is your assessment? How is Swiss cotton positioned in it? What is 'swiss+cotton' all about?

We note rising global demand for organic and high quality cotton. 'swiss+cotton' consists solely of products made from the finest cotton manufactured to the highest Swiss quality standard.

The 'swiss+cotton' quality mark creates an additional sales argument and brings major market benefits for the companies involved in the manufacture of, and trade in, cotton products.

The demand for hi-tech and innovative textiles is increasing worldwide. What is your say on this? What are current trends, and how well is Swiss textile & clothing industry geared up to meet these expectations?

Demand for innovative textiles is rising to the extent that previously proven materials such as metal and plastic are being replaced by textiles. These satisfy the necessary material criteria more effectively and weigh less. The Swiss textile and garments industry detected this trend some years ago and is very well placed today, thanks to its innovative products.

Italy and Germany are looked upon as the emerging markets for Textile Machinery in present times. What will help Swiss Textile Machinery industry to counter this competition and hold all the aces?

The Swiss textile machinery industry enjoys an excellent global reputation. Heavy investments in research and development have enabled it to maintain an edge over its competitors. Ongoing investments in product innovation are imperative for it to keep its rank in the champion’s league.

Trade Fairs and Events play a vital role in the promotion of the industry. What are your federation's efforts in this direction?

Trade fairs provide an ideal venue for contacts with many potential customers to whom new products can be offered. Moreover, future trends can also be detected at such fairs. We support our members’ endeavours to win new markets through trade fairs. Events such as the Swiss Textiles Award, which is presented annually to a talented young designer, help to make the public aware of the innovation, creativity and tradition of our industry.

Published on: 19/05/2008

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