Interview with Akihiro Nikkaku

Akihiro Nikkaku
Akihiro Nikkaku
Toray Industries, Inc.
Toray Industries, Inc.

In your view, which regions would be competitive in the coming years, apart from the leading Asian countries?

Already, China is a superpower in the volume of fiber production. But in near future, China will also come to follow us, up into the terms of quality or in the development capabilities. In India, too, there is Reliance Industries known as one of the world's largest fiber manufacturing companies. The presence of India as the fiber-manufacturing country will increase in the near future.

Please tell us how Toray is looking forward to the moves ahead with textile and clothing segment.

Toray has positioned the fiber and textile as the foundation business, which will steadily drive expansion of this segment and profit growth of the along with improve products, business models to expand earnings and allocate management resources into growth business fields.

What are the new consumption trends sweeping globally in the T&C sector? What is your overview to it?

With an economic development and improving the living standards, there will be needed more high-performance and high-sensitivity textiles. For an example, there is a garment like “Heat-tech” by UNIQLO that is although enough warm but thin and fit to the body. Toray has operated the fiber and textile business in many countries around the world. And we have many assortments of nylon, polyester, acrylic, and the other high-performance fibers. In addition, it is the unique company which can operate the business from upstream to downstream such as fibers, textiles and garments. We will provide the “New Value” to meet the needs of customers by taking that strength and creating the high-value-added products.
Published on: 05/03/2012

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